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FIFA 13 – Patch 3

Patch number three is now live for all FIFA 13 players.

Here’s the fix list:

• Freeze in Career Mode after acquiring youth scouts.
• An invisible ball appearing in other game modes after exiting FIFA 13: Ultimate Team.
• Temporary removal of Guest Play in FIFA 13: Ultimate Team.
• Rare disconnect in the FIFA Points purchase flow.

You can find the notes on the official forums and details of all other patches here.

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  • hmph

    It went live on ps3 last night …. Research, research, research!

  • Tom Mills


  • TheRush

    I´m stunned to say the least that EA hasn´t fixed any of the many gameplay issues/bugs by know. Very frustrating that they´re focus has been on everything else…that´s far from acceptable :(

  • Toejammer

    got the patch… Gameplay does feel better but im facing control freezing glitch in career mode stilll… Im scared to make substitutes incase it freezes

  • djp

    Still crashing, albeit less often.

    The invisible ball glitch doesn’t just appear after exiting FUT. I’ve never played with FUT so have never exited it but still got the invisible ball quite often.

    2 months in and we still don’t have a complete fix. Perhaps that’s because they’re working on new ways for FIFA14 to crash, rather than fixing the existing product?.

  • Viren Dra Agawane

    WHERE I CAN DOWNLOAD THIS PATCH????..i didnt use any patch game is crashing nw so i want to solved this asap

  • Tomas McHendry

    any new boots in the catalogue?

  • Ryan

    can you please try too put in some of the latest boots including the nike clash edition boots and also robin van persie’s addidas boots also please allow profesional players like carlos tevez and rooney to have the undershirt only like in pro’s it would be greatly appreciated i look forward to hopefully see this update come out

  • Marc Anton Holder

    purchased a ‘takeover’ in career mode n didnt get it. whats up with that

  • Chris

    Am I the only one finding there are more freezes/crashes in career since this patch came out?

  • Patrick

    I am totally confused. First of all, I don’t understan and find it hard to believe that wearing a patch on your body is supposed to fix problems with a game. I just want my game to work. I shouldn’t have to put anything on my body.

  • realatzn

    Since this patch, with free kicks, I can use either the 2nd man or the 3rd man, but not both. How come?? It’s taken away a huge amount of set-piece creativity.

  • Edilberto Tapia

    i´m one the players that really considers that this game has become a total waste of money. i was a great defender in fifa 11, but since fifa 12 and the “new” tactic deffense the game has become an absolute disadvantage, for deffenders at least. in fifa 13, a glitch of the legacy mode came up,. but they just shot it out cos they are the ones to decide how we have to play. they can offer a new way to play but this game, “its suppossed” to be original and versatil, and let the players to chooooooose their own way, as any player is, play by his own style, but taking that away from us, this game no longer has what it takes to be reliable.
    Please, all those who likes the legacy deffense mode, stand a comment complaining about this, so we can decide how we like to play the game.

    And for the managers of the game, why do you people put in the menus the legacy options if is not going to be avaliable of using it online?? what do you expect cheating on us the customers??
    bring the game some respect, let every player in the game decide how to play his own way, the ST have now a lot!!!! more of move that easily pass over the deffense, but deffenders can´t just be as good as they should be??? c´mon.

  • adi

    i have black screen problem the game doesn’t start the black screen comes and next thing u know u are on desktop…..

  • Edilberto Tapia

    constans lagging, servers absolutedly unstables, getting kick out all the times, and we still are thinking about fifa 14??? i swear i´m not wasting my money and giving it to so unreliable people. This guys promess that the game is going to have this, and voi´la, false Advertisement!!!!!, they creates patches to a more stable server and, again, the same f…….. crashes over and over.

    I guess, it´s just tooooo much for them to offer good service, and a full game without so many errors, of course, just because they want to launch the game before PES, so they can achieve more sells, from a waste of an incomplete game. THUMBS UP for the FIFA TEAM!!!!

  • Hur

    FiFa 13 Fans Check this out!

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