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FIFA 13 Press Release


So we’ve been raining FIFA 13 content on you all morning and have a few more posts lined up, but it just keeps coming.

Thanks to a press release from EA this morning we’ve got a few more details including the run down of platforms the game will be released on, as well as some hints at what we can expect to hear about in the coming weeks/months and a little hint at the cover.

The press release notes the following:

  • Improved Career Mode with major changes developed in response to requests from the most passionate fans of the franchise.
  • New features to enhance the massive EA SPORTS FIFA online offering, including improvements to the wildly popular Head-To-Head Seasons mode
  • Multiple new features and benefits to EA SPORTS Football Club, the live service that is the heartbeat of FIFA
  • Complete authenticity with more than 500 officially licensed clubs.
  • Additional new modes and features will be announced in the months ahead.

So that’s all pretty promising. The gameplay features we’ve posted today seem to have taken a fairly heavy influence from player feedback, so to see CM walking the same path is extremely heartening. “Major Changes” seems like a pretty bold statement, we hope that they live up to it.

“Multiple new features and benefits for EASFC” is an interesting one too, could be anything really although as some who plays a fair bit of FIFA on the go I’d like to see proper EASFC support for iOS. Maybe a centralised EA friendslist so that we don’t have to keep track of different people on different platforms?

No mentioned of UT just yet but given the fact that it’s made a shit tonne of money it’s safe to say that it’ll see some improvements.

“Additional new modes” is again a bit of a tease. Could it be something COMPLETELY new? Sounds like it, but I’m at a loss for what it might be.

As for platforms, FIFA 13 will be available for Xbox 360 (With Kinect Support), Playstation 3 (With Move Support), Playstation 2, Playstation Vita, PSP, PC, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS (no mention of DS), iPad, iPhone, iPod touch as well as “Other Mobile Platforms”.

That just leaves the cover. It’s not final, but it does featuring new signing Lionel Messi which was to be expected.

Phew. Thoughts?

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  • Felix

    Again, does anyone know if the PC version will be the same as consoles? I know that they did it this year, but with EA you never know if it will be so the next year. So, I’d like to know if the PC and the consoles will be the same

  • Xavi

    @Tom, please ask Toby to ensure that EA KNOW that we want realistic ball physics in ’13. I mean a realistic richochet/random ball movement system such as irl. The ball MUST be able to fall into free space and rebounds should almost NEVER fall to atttackers. Please do it for the fans.

  • Toby Ross


    What makes you think the ball doesn’t already fall into free space? The ricochet itself doesn’t seem particularly unrealistic to me.

    Personally, I think the reason it seems to always fall to a player is due to unrealistic reactions which mean that a player can lock into the movement of a ricocheted ball far too quickly. Add to that the fact that goalkeepers don’t seem to have much intelligence to parry the ball away from danger, and I think that’s the major cause of problem. If ball physics were the problem, you’d expect to see the ball bounce off in unrealistic angles, but I don’t see that too often.

  • Xavi

    @Toby. Thanks for the reply, but it really doesn’t atm. The fact that well timed tackles fall continually back to an attacker is astounding to say the least. I wish it was due to overpowered reactions, but i mean the actual ball trajectory seems locked on to a players feet irregardless of how close they are to the ball. When was the last time your player had to actually track down a ball, when it wasnt a through pass? Its like the AI’s coding doesnt allow for realistic ball movement. The very fact that the ball seems to be locked on to the feet of players, should show that the mechanics are off. Either way, these richochets happen far too often, especially offline. Plz read this topic on the forum regarding this

  • Xavi

    @Toby A couple forum postS I sympathise w/ : “Why can’t they make the ball roam free anyway? It’s so simple. Do EA just want to control our games or what? I’m telling you, this is just an updated balancing system. Realism? Make the ball roam fee then. It’s totally easy for them to do that. So why aren’t they doing it? Will the ball roam free in 13?

    1. the ball must always land to somebody’s feet. it is impossible for the ball to land in open space, because that would create freedom we do not want people to get.

    2. whenever the ball hits the keeper or post it must ricochet of one of these and land directly at an attackers feet, because we believe that the ball always landing to somebody’s feet to score undeserved goals is realistic.”
    ATM, the ball does not roam free. The game is coded such that when a pass is made it follows an ,almost locked, trajectory towards the feet of the player. Passing is not like this in real life. Its the reason why passing is so easily consistent on FIFA. The ball’s path seems too limited and unaffected by realistic collisions. Its the very reason why ping pong passing was possible, and why tackles can consistently play balls back to an attacker over 4/5 attempts. Plz tell me you see what I am saying.

  • Toby Ross


    It’s certainly something I’ll look out for, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a case when a ball has ricocheted in a totally unbelievable way just to fall for the attacker. If this was actually happening as you assert, it would be pretty easy to show a video of such a collision, where the ball clearly should have bounced away at one angle but instead bounced in a radically different direction. I’ve never seen such a video, nor have I ever sensed it had happened in FIFA.

    So, personally, that’s the problem I have with accepting your argument. I’m open to the possibility, but I don’t think the evidence for it happening is any stronger than the evidence of scripting in H2H gameplay. What I think is undeniably true however is the point I made earlier – that this problem is at the very least excacerbated by reaction speeds, and by a lack of intelligence in the AI when parrying, blocking, intercepting and tackling to move the ball away from danger. If those issues were solved, then I expect your issue would be solved. Even if it didn’t solve the issue, it would provide greater evidence for your argument, and it would soften the problems.

    In terms of what EA would say, I’m pretty sure they would say that the ball has, at least for ricochets, been ‘free’ this entire generation. There are areas of the game where the ball does sort of ‘lock in’, like when the ball is under control of a player or in the keepers hand, but outside of those cases the ball is free and reacts based on physics. With FIFA 13, first touches will also fall under this category, which will be a great improvement (in fact, the first touch error should also help with the problem you’re having).

    Finally, passing is another area I’m pretty sure is ‘free’ in a physical sense – the assistance on passing is what might make it not seem so… and between assistance, lack of passing error, and the lack of proper first touch error you have the reason for ‘ping pong passing’.

  • Xavi

    @Toby thanks again for the prompt reply. I will be compiling evidence over the next few days and will post them here. Cheers.

  • Xavi
  • Xavi

    @Toby #2) Look at the rebound how it locks on to Fabregas as soon as the keeper saves it. This is what i speak about. Offline btw.

  • Toby Ross

    @Xavi: I watched about half of the first one before I got bored. It seemed to be someone pointing out every instance of things which went against him and calling it scripting.

    As for the second video… again, I fail to see what you’re talking about. The ball hits the keeper and goes roughly where you’d expect given the angle and speed of the ball. The ball doesn’t ‘lock onto Fabregas’, Fabregas locks onto the ball. This is a very clear case in my mind of how this problem is caused by the players’ reactions being too fast. Then, as Fabregas receives the ball he goes to shoot, and is knocked slightly by the player behind him. It’s very unlucky and probably ought to be a penalty, but it is a flaw of the impact engine.

    What it lacks is definitive evidence. No-one is denying that FIFA has lots of issues which make it, a lot of the time, not very fair to play… but that is not in itself evidence for some ‘script’. There are explanations for these problems which do not require bringing in this extra factor for which there is no definitive evidence and which EA categorically denies the existence of. Even if you do truly believe that scripting exists, what do you (and other people who argue the same case) imagine you’re going to achieve this way?

  • Xavi

    I hope to achieve the recognition of either bad coding or ‘scripting’, which i may have mistakenly called it in the past. Blocked shots skyrocketing and falling perfectly in the path of the CPU is another example. When i say ‘scripting’ i mean the game restricting full expression of the user regarding reaction time, and user input. So i guess, as you spoke of the potentially un’fair’ factor in the game, it is THIS i want EA to take note of. I would like to feel fully in control and I cant stress enough that the physics seem off to not only myself but many on the forum. I often wonder what “There is now genuine separation between control touches and the ball itself, the ball is no longer “glued” to the players feet.” really will entail. I just hope for the best and would love for you, in regard to fifa13, to alert EA of the unfair feeling that often occurs(ESPECIALLY offline). Legendary is a whole different topic by itself. The superhuman ability and seemingly omniscience of the AI, which EA continually to deny, has caused many to be forced to use sliders just to enjoy it. And at least I cannot stress the point enough: Could you kindly, at least, raise the point w/ EA, that many on the forum believe that the ball physics feel too controlled at times? The very fact that PERFECT trapping was present in fifa 12, should let you know that the Physics engine for the ball WAS/IS off. Cheers, and again thank you for replying.

  • Xavi

    Quote from the forums regarding “scripting”

    Hallucination: ‘Yawn. If this game was scripted then how could I and other people have records like mine? MAKES NO SENSE!’

    Response from another:

    ‘Not sure about the word ‘scripted’ but micro-events in game are definitely engineered towards a certain outcome.

    I notice things like fullbacks being pulled out of position to open up a passing lane, defenders runs being angled slightly away from the ball which allows attackers to catch up (despite not changing your d-pad direction), periods of play when team mates simply won’t make runs.

    I found the key to getting better was to learn what causes these things to happen and thus condition yourself to predict them and work around it.

    You have probably done this, like me, without a great deal of thought, but more through experience.

    The end result is getting better at the game, but I find myself doing things that are completely illogical on a football field.

    And that is the problem, for me…. The best way to deal with certain scenarios often isn’t what you’d expect a professional footballer to do in real life.

    The best example I can think of is running straight at a player receiving the ball.

    The real life method of defending would most likely be to stay goal-side and cover if the player has his body between you and the ball.

    But in FIFA, it’s more effective to just run at him and knock him off the ball, because running towards him causes the ball carrier to get ‘stuck’, almost frozen as you just barge through him and win the ball.

    Refs don’t seem to give fouls for this when you have a top rated defender.

    I can understand people crying ‘scripting’, but don’t think it is. It’s just poor game design in places.

    Ultimately, it’s a game, not real life. But I’d like to see real-life football logic be represented better and stupid play being less effective and easier to rip apart.”

    PERFECTLY PUT imo, Toby. What do ya think? Its not really ‘scripting’ per se, but rather micro-events being slightly out of the user’s control. Hmm.

  • Tobbe

    I don’t feel that the ball physics are all bad. Certainly we can see the odd ricochet from rebounds sometimes but this is in no way spoiling the game. What you call bad ball physics I would call bad scripting or “predestined ball path” and it has nothing to do with the actual ball physics.
    It’s also quite evident when the CPU makes a panicky clearance from their own box to spot on get to their striker on the the attacking half. That to me is the more annoying part of the game.
    One of the things I thought that improved from FIFA 11 was that that there were a lot more situations where the ball bounced off somebody and went to a random part of the pitch. But it’s very far from perfect. Also in one match when you try to take the ball off an opponent by tackling you succeed almost every time and the bounce go to a player on your team but the next game it’s the opposite no matter how many successful tackles you execute.

  • Tarun

    there was something wrong with the ping pong pasing in fifa 11 or 12… I hope they sorted that out and in fifa 11 when you tried to shoot from long range is dipped sooooo much so I hope they sorted that out to.