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FIFA 13 Sells 7.4 Million Copies In 4 Weeks

Well those are the figures being touted by EA’s latest quarterly report but to be honest it’s no surprise after FIFA 13′s record breaking start.

EA’s quarterly revenue was up to $1.08 billion a slight increase on the same period last year but the biggest jump came in the Digital Sales arena which leaped to $324 million from $234 million the previous year. If that extra $100 million isn’t from Ultimate Team I’ll eat my FSB branded hat.

So with the Christmas rush closing in it can’t be long before FIFA 13 breaks that magic 10 million sales barrier and when it does I’m sure EA will let us all know.


Source: Eurogamer

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  • Dan Griffiths

    Not Bad. :)

  • mak

    a fool and his money are soon parted

  • Francesco Laudicina

    UT is addictive but I can’t understand why EA makes it. So arcadey pushing up speed

  • EFC

    Just a shame there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel for the numerous issues with this product.

  • djp

    How many of those 7.4 million purchasers have found the product to be faulty?

  • Con245

    7.4 million :) lol

  • Anthony Dry

    Good stuff.

    Theres nothing wrong with the speed at all. Set it to normal and knock a few points off the sliders for acceleration and sprint and viola. The game is a masterclass in randomness. No game is ever the same. master it on full manual and its a dream.

    Best footy game ever made.

  • Sigur

    And that’s why EA are afraid of making really important and necessary changes.

  • Phil Shannon

    I put it on slow and it plays a lot more realistic

  • McRobinho

    And this is why EA wont make a sim, I have never been one to bash Fifa like others have but this year i feel the game is just far too easy to play, You can get to one end of the pitch to the other in a matter of seconds which would be fine the odd time but not every single attack, Players positioning in the game is to perfect so you always know where your players are for the counter attack.

    The AI defence is awful, Why do midfielder’s never want to defend? Why is is far easier to attack than defend? EA have turned what used to be a good football game (08,09 & WC10) and turned it into some weird Ice Hockey football title.

    Someone mentioned the randomness is a masterclass? Seriously? I played over 200 games in UT and online seasons and 90% of the games felt the same just like Fifa 11 & Fifa 12.

    The game for me is a massive let down gameplay wise so much so i traded it for Fofza Horizon which i have never done with a football title not until the next one is coming out! Until EA get hit hard with sales they will keep churning out average after average Fifa’s.

    The only hope of a decent football game now is PES 2014 and after the last 6 years i have no faith left in Konami! Sad times indeed for football games!


    I hope this doesn’t inspire EA to cater to online gamers and features that they forget about football sim fans and offline modes and features.

  • John

    Record breaking sales with record bugs & freezes in career mode!
    Fix it EA!

  • Dutchmaster

    EA, take half of that billion, and fix your goddamnn serverrr!!!!

  • Martin Hinson

    I like the game overall to play but it is such a mess of bugs and glitches I find it rather shameful. Sales like this will just allow EA to concentrate more on money making things like Ultimate Team than actually fixing various issues. Add in them charging full price for what are just squad updates for Vita and Wii versions and you have a company that doesn’t really deserve sales like this.

  • Uche Esele Akahome

    You need to check out PES 2013. I traded my fifa for it. Its awesome