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FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Web App Opens 18th Sept

Good news FIFA fans, the FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Web App will open for business on September 18th.

Here’s the snippet from the press release that you’re all interested in:

“Early access to FIFA 13 Ultimate Team for all returning players begins September 18, enabling fans to start building and managing their FIFA 13 Ultimate Team via easportsfootball.com. Players will have access to the auction markets and other features in preparation for the season. In FIFA Ultimate Team fans earn, buy, trade and bid for coveted players to build a team of the world’s best football stars.”

No word on a release time as yet but I’m sure that will come via the EA SPORTS Twitter feed in due course. Expect some rewards for returning FUT players and hopefully (like the last two years) Daily Gifts as well.

Ready for the 18th?

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  • http://deucespoker22.com gary

    is it nearly time

  • Takashiru

    its still not out !!!!!!

  • jeff the man

    it wont work

  • Ryan

    Hello how come the fifa 13 web app is still down for maintenance

  • fifaplayer

    im from england and the app came out 6pm it still isnt working and i think it is absolutely disgusting. get back on the ball EA!!!!!!!

  • r4nger387

    11pm i think it opens

  • r4nger387

    yh it 11pm it says on most websites and my cousin works for EA and they think it shud be up at 11pm if all runs well

  • Hmmmm

    Why do you think it is comI g out at 11pm?

  • Arti

    avenge me

  • Arti

    can you feel it coming – kasabian lol

  • Recap

    EA left a tweet bout an hour ago saying they have found ways too optimise parts.. Will let us know……??? God knows what that means….

  • Arti

    i;am on get on now

  • Arti

    oh fuck it threw me out

  • g

    no worky

  • Tired

    I know it may not be exactly their fault, but it seems like almost everything EA does is doomed to fail or at least show some strong signs of incompetence. Everything. It’s omething I’ve come to expect from their games. *sigh* But what else can I do? Play PES?………

  • Billy boy

    Have people living on the east coast gotten on yet

  • Send me a Link please!

    Hello everybody, can somebody please tell me how i can manage my Ultimate Team on on the laptop for FiFa13? And could anyone send me a link on how to plsy for playstation3? Thanks!!

  • Sub

    it says they are still making the webb app

  • ribz

    serioulsy how do i get on the web app? :/

  • http://redtube teehee

    seriously try today