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FIFA 13 Update Now Available on Xbox 360 & PS3

EA have released the new February update for FIFA 13 on the Xbox 360.

The update was recently only made available for PC owners but the update has now made its way to Xbox 360 owners. PlayStation 3 gamers should also be receiving the update soon. The update includes the following:

  • Guest Play added as an option in FIFA 13: Ultimate Team
  • An error when trying to access Pro Clubs
  • An issue to reduce disconnects to the EA Servers and in EA SPORTS Football Club while in menus or gameplay
  • An issue in Creation Centre where some licensed kits were displayed incorrectly
  • Disconnects while viewing FUT Auction House search results
  • Snow will again be a random weather option in Pro Clubs

Be sure to let us know what you think of the new update for FIFA 13 via the comment section below.

*UPDATE* The update is now available on the PlayStation 3

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  • Joe Tobolowsky

    WHY? I loved this game, now it freezes, and I cannot play.. Please fix, this, or give me my $ back, only Fifa 13 is a problem on my xbox why, I do not know? The Career Mode Freezes, other than that I liked the game, but what else is worth Playing Fifa, I want 2014 free, after this debacle. And I love Playing Fifa, but you are about to lose a Customer.

  • Bor.Dortmund09

    how do I get my commentators to talk about season goals for players and all that?