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FIFA 13 UT Web App Now Live


If you’ve played UT OR logged into the FUT web app at any point between March 7th 2012 and September the 12th 2012, then you’re now able to log into the new FUT web app and get going. Plus after the initial rush late last night, it’s now fairly stable.

That’s not the best bit though. If you are eligible, you’ll also be able to claim a free gift DAILY, until the end of September. Plus, if you’re what EA classes as one their “most dedicated FUT12 users” then you’ll receive extra packs too, although they won’t clarify for certain what criteria gives you that status.

So head over to the FUT 13 web app and get started on your squads, then pop back and let us know what you’ve got to work with so far.

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  • Tom Mills

    @gav no problem

  • http://avilasoccer.com David Meek

    I’m sure glad was able to play fifa 12 between those period, got access and it’s great!

  • wes

    i’ve logged on & my whole Manchester United team is missing, are they resetting the whole game? because they’ve gave me a starter pack too. very annoyed

  • ben

    it says my account is locked,how do i enter th web app?

  • Joseph Parker

    i cant get into the web app because it says i need to buy the game online when i already have it and have ultimate team. can someone help

  • jack mezunn

    to all of you I have a dilema: i picked up leandro the gremero striker in liga do brasil for 7.5k (on ps3) and I dont know how much he is worth because there are none on the market so what should i do? wait? sell? and how much for?

  • Connor Smith

    Is there a korean republican manager?

  • charlie

    any one want 20k about to sell xbox so im giving away money leave a comment i can give money to 16 people so hurry up if you want it

  • john

    If I am trying to get the web app and it says i have to buy the game but i already have it. Can someone please help me out.

  • Ben

    I have had the same problem! Did you ever figure it out?

  • Adamm

    Samee !!

  • Tj

    Finally after 2 months of searching, I’ve found out how to duplicate players, I will tell you how but it will either cost you FIFA coins or I’m willing to accept decent players (ps3 only)

  • sean

    does anybody know why when I try to get on the web app it says “sorry our servers are
    temporarily down while we work on making things better.

    Please come back

  • lol


  • karan


  • http://www.facebook.com/james.fitzsimons.90 James Fitzsimons

    i have fifa 13 on xbox but it says i have to get it on the web app what do i do