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FIFA 14 – Pre-Order Now!

It’s only been a matter of hours since the official announcement from EA that FIFA 14 would be coming to the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC towards the end of the year, yet retail has already stepped up their game and opened pre-orders.

Most of the big-hitters are out in force with Shopto, GAME and Zavvi giving you the opportunity to place a pre-order down even at this early stage. EA’s own content delivery store Origin are also giving you the go ahead to slap a pre-order down (PC only). are the only well-known retailer missing, but they have stated that their FIFA 14 pre-orders will be soon.

Click the links below for more details.

Zavvi - £34.98 (PC) + £39.98 (PS3 + 360)

Shopto - £39.85 (PS3 + 360)

GAME - £44.99 (PS3 + 360)

Origin - £39.99 (PC)

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  • Excélsior

    To blazes with this game. It will probably be the same s**t. Personality+ has been an absolute flop of a feature, physics are just plain wrong, boring career. Meh. Ain’t pre-ordering s**t.

  • BanjoTandoori

    So you are pre-ordering then? =P

  • Klaypex

    Tbh they could just bring a priced update for fifa 13… its just small improved and updated teams… where is the point of paying 60 euros again. U get games like skyrim or gta 5 with a dev time of like 5 years and u pay the same price and u get huge improvments. Hard to ckmpare but I never saw the price being worth the improvments…. at least in the last years…

  • Peddes

    The don’t buy it. I will preorder it, but not before we get som information concerning nextgen Fifa

  • Guest

    Why do people continue to pre order games? Go I to any retail outlet and nine times out of ten the game will be right at the front of the shop from midnight (asda, tesco)

  • Grant Cresswell

    why do people still continue to pre order games? They won’t sell out, they’ll be cheaper in outlets such as Asda and Tesco at midnight (£30).

  • Walker

    Agree, for a tiny update to the game is worth about £5, not £40.

  • GariNGB

    Guys, I’ve said I wouldn’t buy a certain game plenty of times over the years but then when it gets nearer to release, I do. I think it’s a mix of curiosity and the fact that I have to have it :D


    instead will pre-order it for ps4