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FIFA 15 Sliders: Pass Speed 20.

Check out my newest video that details the sliders on World Class or Legendary, using 20 Pass Speed, in addition to using Manual Through Pass as your main passing option.

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The benefits of 20 pass speed are incredible. Slower CPU build up, more purposeful approach, better lofted balls and overall ball physics, not to mention some fouls and less chaotic defending.

World Class (Legendary in Parentheses), 10-15 Mins, Manual and Semi Controls – 20 Pass Speed = MANUAL THROUGH PASS

Camera: Broadcast (Height 0, Zoom 20)

Sprint: 52/53
Acceleration: 50/49 (49/50 Legendary)
Shot Error: 52/52
Pass Error: 58/58
Shot Speed: 51/51
Pass Speed: 20/20
Injury Frequency: 63/63
Injury Severity: 40/40
GK Ability: 50/50
Marking: 52/52
Run Frequency: 10/10
Line Height: 55/55
Line Length: 35/36
Line Width: 55/55
FB Positioning: 80/80
FT Control: 100/100
Power Bar: Personal Preference

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! Enjoy your sim FIFA experience!

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5 thoughts on “FIFA 15 Sliders: Pass Speed 20.
  1. we have good pace human vs CPU .. but on player career CPU is not dangerous at all .. I mean rare shots .. I will try more later ..

  2. hey jacko – you will definitely see more variety in shots as more matches come about, every team play different. Let me know if you have any questions/concerns!

  3. still continue to use your sliders .. everything I said earlier remains available .. CPU is not so dangerous but is more enjoyable to play with these settings .. probably is all we can get from fifa 15 official gameplay unless you alter the game .. player career slow all manual are my settings ..

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