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FIFA 16 E3 2015 Teaser Trailer

EA SPORTS have released the official E3 teaser trailer for FIFA 16.

The teaser comes in at just 13 seconds long, with gameplay news coming in just 3 days time on June 15th. The teaser was shared from the official EA SPORTS FIFA twitter account.

Be sure to let us know what you would like revealed at E3 for FIFA 16 via the comment section below.

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6 thoughts on “FIFA 16 E3 2015 Teaser Trailer
  1. Looks like messi have one in the teaser, but thats not something they coulnt add to this (Fifa15) game with a patch update, paying so much money just for stuff like this is stupid.

  2. I would like to see:

    – Better faces for non scanned players with better fidelity specially in smaller clubs, they never look like in real life sometimes feels like they don’t even search for google images.

    – Specific for my Club, Porto, I would like to have the stadium back.

    – For Ultimate Team online seasons or tournaments I would like to see the match making system being redefined, because I don’t want to buy the best players in the world and I have a 78 rated team and the system just keeps giving me teams full of superstars rated 83/84, don’t think it’s fair. Many times people just win against me because they toke the ball one time and run so much and shoot with a super strikers and its done, didn’t play much all game but only one thing like that and you’re done.

    – EA Keyboard support !!! We are in 2015…

    – Searching for stuff in the menus of UT is very frustrating sometimes.

    – EA it’s really cool you include girls in the game but it’s more than need this feature to be included in the Pro Clubs too where girls would be able to play online in drop in matches and setup ones, makes no sense obligating them to play with male body type players and faces when in that specific case wouldn’t matter to be a mixed up team.

    – Fix the new slow motion replay cameras that many times repeat the goals from almost the same angle the 3 times and sometimes don’t even show the goal well.

    – More diversity in visuals and audio in the crowds, specially in trowing balls when your’e closer to the public sometimes and in some English stadiums even more.

    – Better ratings for players it’s very unfair what FIFA does here, my club for example have always great players that end up being sold and in the years they are in my club they suck in ratings but after they are sold they appear in the new FIFA (after like 6 moths) with way better ratings only because they where transferred to a rich club, it’s unfair, the players are exactly the same.

    There are probably way more stuff I forgot, But I will update this if I remember something else.

  3. I play a lot of player career mode and I’d like to see FIFA learn from NBA 2k a bit with varying up your options in where you can go, i.e. not just signing to the biggest clubs as soon as you hit 80.

    Can we have a few more interesting career accomplishments like scoring in a derby, scoring in a World Cup, playing a World Cup match

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