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FIFA 16 – New Feature Revealed Tomorrow!

The wait for FIFA 16 news is almost over as EA sPORTS have revealed that we will hear about the first new feature tomorrow!.

That’s right, EA SPORTS confirmed the news on twitter, stating:

What new features do you want included in FIFA 16? Let us know via the comment section below.

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6 thoughts on “FIFA 16 – New Feature Revealed Tomorrow!
  1. 1- While loading an online match, instead of arena player, show us the latest form of the opponent we are about to play against and the score of those matches. It makes it so much more exciting knowing what kind of player we are against
    2- Give us an indication of the connection strength with the opponent. I’ve been stuck so many times with a player who has poor connection, so bad that the game pauses every 2 seconds for 2 seconds, and if I quit I lose the game.
    3- There is no effect of the coach on the chemistry of the team (Ultimate team). This should be changed.
    4- Match Day mode: Please please allow these games to be played against online opponents. Say for example the final of the champions league, you show this game in the match day screen and give us the option to play offline or online. This can become the most played mode in FIFA ever. Some people will choose Barca and others will choose Juve, and you can match these people to play this game online, and provide a stat on how many times Barce or Juve have won it and then this can serve as FIFA global prediction for the upcoming match in real life! You can thank me later for this idea :)

  2. 1= Brasileirao, Third Spanish Division, Champion’s and Europa League include to carrer ;
    2= More Stadiums for sky bet Championship and other league
    3= Upgraded Carrer Mode
    HYPE mega for FIFA 16!!

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