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FIFA 17 Career Mode Features Revealed

EA SPORTS have today unveiled the new features for Career Mode in FIFA 17.

One of the highlights of Career Mode this year will be ability to play in the J-League. There are also new board expectations this year as you look for Total Club Management, split up into five categories:

  • Domestic Success
  • Continental Success
  • Brand Exposure
  • Financial
  • Youth Development

You will be able to see if you are meeting these objectives within a new menu in Career Mode. There is also a new financial worth system in Career Mode this year. This will let you see how your club is doing in a number of avenues, such as transfers, loans, match-day revenue, media and merchandising amongst others.

Take a look at the screenshots and let us know if you’re looking forward to Career Mode in the comment section below.

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3 thoughts on “FIFA 17 Career Mode Features Revealed
  1. they use to much time on ultimate!
    the lack of continual development across Career Mode’s feature set has once again let it down massively. And apart from the one headline feature EA are bringing this year, very little else appears to have changed! what a letdown..
    They all seem to be lacking in any form of iterative innovation, and some of them have been static for over five years now and counting.

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