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FIFA Points Transferable Between Current/Next-Gen FIFA 14

EA SPORTS have revealed that FIFA Points will be transferable between current and next-gen versions of FIFA 14.

This will be great news for those Ultimate Team addicts who were wondering what would happen to their hard earned points in the current-gen of the game.

An image confirming the transferable points has been released. Let us know if you will be transfering your points via the comment section below.

FUT14 Points

Thanks, FUTHead

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  • t.k

    is it possible to transfer between xbox 360 to ps4?

  • Δημήτρης

    Will it be available on FIFA 15 too, for those that will purchase FIFA 14 on the current-gen?

  • KJ

    No. Look at the picture..

  • Dylan

    will you be able to transfer your players too

  • Bob

    no, obviously

  • Fifa Ninja

    Is it possible to transfer from Fifa 14 to Fifa 15 do you know? If you have to start again , you can alway buy the coins to save time *wink wink*