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FIFA Street Playtest: We Want Your Questions?

Community Q&A

We’re incredibly pleased to announce that we’ll be heading off to EA Guildford on Monday 16th January to get some hands-on time with a not final FIFA Street build and we want to take your questions about EA’s rebooted street football offering with us.

Detailed FIFA Street information has been a little scarce recently and we’re sure everyone has their own pondering’s about FIFA Street and just how it’s shaping up. So, if you have a question about the gameplay, the new match types, the presentation, the arenas, game modes or anything else for that matter hit the comments and ask away.

Now, there will be some questions we can’t answer for obvious reasons, so there’s no point requesting player ratings or anything license related. Also this isn’t a guarantee that we’ll be able to answer every question you pose but we’ll certainly do our best.

You have until 10pm Saturday 14th January (UK time) to submit your FIFA Street Playtest questions and then we’ll be closing the comments to give ourselves time to collate the information for Monday.

If you wish to use Twitter to ask us a question about FIFA Street, tweet @FIFASoccerBlog and use the hashtag #FSBFIFAStreet

FSB Community, the floor is yours…

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  • Jeff

    Is Robert Ursell in the game?

  • Eli

    How effective are aerial passes in such a small sided pitch.

    Are skills necessary to beat a player, or can fast players be used to run straight through

  • adam

    is fifa street easy for non-skillers to pick up and play or is it more suited to those who have some what mastered skills in fifa 12?

    Also is which of the 3 previous installments would you say it reminds you most of?

  • HDV

    Is There any Futsal National Team in the game?

  • Rajesh


    a. What are game modes?
    b. As I don’t use skill moves in FIFA 12, How difficult it’s to pull off tricks in the game?
    c. Do they have all PL Clubs ad more information about the Roster?

  • Tom Collins

    1) Is there a game mode similar to Pro Clubs where you can play with your mates on the same team ?

    2) Will it be available before relesase date on the EA Sports season ticket ?

    3) Why is the game not called ”FIFA Street 4” ?


  • Tom Mills

    @tom collins can already answer 2 and 3.

    2: yes

    3: because it’s a complete reboot, totally different team etc, so they didnt want it to be seen as a sequel with the stigma of the previous games attached.

  • Augusto

    Will have South American teams like Flamengo, Corinthians, Boca Juniors ?

  • Kieron

    How many players a side will we have?

  • Andrew

    Will there be some kind of Ultimate Team for FIFA street ? And the other game modes like be a pro and career mode?

  • Andrew

    Will there be a demo ?

  • Kakelolo

    What game modes will there be?

  • fifa12

    will fifa street have trophies???

  • Thijsju

    Will Ronaldinho be in the game?????

  • FiltroIsPro

    Is there gonna be a demo ?

  • mk12334

    Are there any new modes? How is the layout of the menu?

  • Zidane

    Is their an arena mode in FIFASTREET?

  • Tom

    How will the career mode thing work?

  • pEPE

    Will you have Universidad de Chile or other south american teams in the game?

  • Jamie Gahona

    Are the tricks based on FIFA 12 or is it the same usual press triangle to trick the player. I want the game to be like FIFA 12 where it actually takes skill to beat a player. Really want to know