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FIFA Street: The Arenas List


We posted the Teams/Leagues list yesterday, today it’s arenas. Below you’ll find  a screencap from each one. You can click to enlarge the images, but only slightly.

Underpass 2:

Goals Centre:

Goals Centre Night:

The Dome:

Justin Chan Memorial:

Indoor Court:

Adidas Z5:


London Dusk:

Paris Notre Dame:

Venice Canal:

New York Stadium:


Barcelona Stadium:

Amsterdam Stadium:

Aberdeen Cage:

Empty Parking Lot:

Loading Bay:

Basketball Court:

Shanghai Rooftop:

Skate Park:

Buenos Aires:

The Hangar:

Futsal Centre:

Berlin Stadium:

Placa De Catalunya:

Tokyo Futsal Stadium:

Rio Stadium:

Rio Stadium Night:



The Park:

Football Complex:

Munich Park:

Rio Mountain Vista:

Rio Coast Park:

Dam Square:

St Petersburg:

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  • Sócrates

    38 ARENAS?! F**K!

  • Tom Mills

    @socrates 35. 3 are night/dusk variations of the others :D

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  • mendieta


  • mendieta

    They could include Africa though, with a Arena in Nairobi, Captown for example

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  • champions67

    where is Dublin? I thought Dublin was in it !!!??

  • Tom Mills

    @champions67 dublin is a part of world tour, but there isn’t a specific arena for it.

  • lelly

    35 is still alot, its nice to see different pitches, would appreciate any tips on my video, im not a ‘EA FAN BOY or FIFA FAN BOY’ so would like to know if you guys think I am being fair in my video, would appreciate any feedback, im new to this, thanks

  • Simon Rutter

    Shabbaranks that is alot of Arena’s, EA put so much effort into their games now compared to 5-10 years ago.

  • http://www.brandweerwmdfotosite.tk Danny Lamper

    Nice, two different arenas in Amsterdam :D

  • Sócrates

    hum, 35… very nice!

  • bender

    nice this game need this variation.. otherway it would be quite uninteresting i guess

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  • Casartelli

    Dam Square and Amsterdam are the same?? The “Amsterdam” one is on dam square (the dam monument is in the background)

  • Sócrates

    i think it has a miss… in fifa street 2 we could create our arena! that would be awesome in this fifa street!
    and, one question tom or david… we create our team in world tour and when it’s created, we can play with our team in the hit the streets? tell me, please!

  • Gui Cramer

    I will not be getting the game but I am happy to see my hometown well represented. It was always very annoying having anything about Rio be related to favelas, here there is a beach arena (inspired in actual arenas built in Ipanema or Copacabana for several different sporting events), a nice coast one, and one with a lovely view (which fairly accounts for the favelas).

  • Sócrates

    @Gui Cramer, BIG MISTAKE not getting this game man!
    i’m from portugal, cumps*

  • Tom Mills

    @socrates yes you can. There are loads of slots for created/downloaded teams.

  • Sócrates

    AWESOME, GREAT! thanks tom, that’s great news! one more thing… in world tour, i can costumize my teammates? and other one, i can have official players in my team, like cristiano ronaldo?