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FIFA Street: The Arenas List


We posted the Teams/Leagues list yesterday, today it’s arenas. Below you’ll find  a screencap from each one. You can click to enlarge the images, but only slightly.

Underpass 2:

Goals Centre:

Goals Centre Night:

The Dome:

Justin Chan Memorial:

Indoor Court:

Adidas Z5:


London Dusk:

Paris Notre Dame:

Venice Canal:

New York Stadium:


Barcelona Stadium:

Amsterdam Stadium:

Aberdeen Cage:

Empty Parking Lot:

Loading Bay:

Basketball Court:

Shanghai Rooftop:

Skate Park:

Buenos Aires:

The Hangar:

Futsal Centre:

Berlin Stadium:

Placa De Catalunya:

Tokyo Futsal Stadium:

Rio Stadium:

Rio Stadium Night:



The Park:

Football Complex:

Munich Park:

Rio Mountain Vista:

Rio Coast Park:

Dam Square:

St Petersburg:

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