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FIFA Ultimate Team Nets EA $108 Million

EA have released their fourth quarter and full year earnings ending March 31st 2012 and it’s no surprise that FIFA was at the heart of an incredibly successful set of results with Ultimate Team netting $108 million alone in digital sales.

Ultimate Teams weighty contribution was part of a strong EA digital sales portfolio which has brought in $1.2 billion over the last year, up an impressive 47%. Overall EA’s revenue jumped to $4.143 billon and net income climbed from a loss of $276 million to a profit of $76 million.

“FIFA 12 established the best year in franchise history – with downloads and micro-transactions totaling $108 million*. FIFA Ultimate Team — a pure digital companion to recent FIFA titles was the second best-selling EA offering in the UK in fiscal 12.”

So a quite incredible performance from FIFA and especially Ultimate Team. The press release also mentions strong FIFA Street performance although no hard figures were provided.


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  • Tom Mills

    @sanvir it’s so people don’t recognise me in the street and gobb on me.

  • Sanvir

    Lol, you must be being sarcastic, it just looks goofy :p. No offence.

  • Tom Mills

    @sanvir none taken :)

  • Paul Smeltzer

    Andddddddddd this is why UT takes precedent when it comes to fixing problems with the game. Why would they fix CM or other online mode bugs when they’ve already got your money for that?

  • Shankar Babu

    Well, obviously. That’s how EA, or any other big name publisher for that matter, works. You ask, Why? Well, because we allow them to, by continuing to purchase their game every year despite being cross with them for the previous year’s game. :P

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  • saidos

    FIFA Ultimate Team Millions, Made Easy…