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FIFA World Cup 2014 In Development, Confirms EA

It seems the cat has truly been let out of the bag as EA have all but announced that they are working on a FIFA World Cup 2014 title.

It will be released on next-gen titles but there is no official word as of yet if the game will be a fully fledged title or act as a DLC for FIFA 14.

Speaking at n EA investor call last night (Thanks SeekingAlpha), CEO Andrew Wilson stated:

In the last 2 weeks, you’ve also seen several announcements about our product slate for the remainder of this year and into FY ’15, We are refining our focus on our biggest brands and great new IP in development, including The Sims 4, EA SPORTS UFC, FIFA World Cup and Dragon Age: Inquisition.

EA’s CFO Blake J. Jorgensen also followed up saying:

We’ve talked about, without specifics on timing, we’ve talked obviously about titles like UFC, which is being developed and introduced next year. Obviously, a FIFA World Cup. We’ve talked about Dragon Age, and obviously, the Star Wars titles, ultimately in the future years. And so there’s a lot going on.

Would you prefer the World Cup title to come as DLC or as fully fledged release? Let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

Source: OXM (cc: VideoGamer)

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  • androctonvs

    Hope it’s better than the floaty, laggy Fifa’14 ~.~’

  • Mockching

    Dlc please. Dont wanna spend another 60 bucks for a Second fifa Game in one Year.

  • Mike Bavli

    For many people, a THIRD FIFA game in one year.

  • jmmontoro

    FIFA 14 CG is packed with references to a WC DLC. Just saying…

  • HerthaBSC2000

    Please quote here. I’ve seen the stadiums in the db, what else is there?

  • marcus

    I WANT ANOTHER GAME WHO REMEMBERS how good 2010 was and how bad 2012 dlc was??!!!
    Will it be for CG aswell? Plz say yes

  • marcus

    The trophy, and some stadium boards that say fifa world cup

  • HerthaBSC2000

    Sorry, but these are actually used in FIFA 14 when you get qualified for WC with your NT in Manager Mode.

  • dan t

    You can’t capture the magic of the wc in a DLC. It only comes around every four years and deserves to be a stand-alone game. The EURO DLC was like EA gave us a middle finger,

  • bdl14

    please EA make FIFA WORLD CUP 2014 next-gen for PC !

  • Holte Beaufort

    fifa wc 2010 wat the best gameplay soccer sim in the last ten years

  • The Regista

    They better have more licensed teams, especially those who have qualified for the World Cup!

  • Josh

    If it’s anything like 2010 World Cup (Every country had at least their licensed badge, with numerous countries having their licensed kits if they didn’t already have them in the regular FIFA.), then that’s a good sign.

  • coip

    Any idea when this game will be released for Xbox One? How much earlier did 2010: South Africa launch before the World Cup started?

  • Nicholas Sanaie

    DLC, PLEASE!!!!! I love FIFA, and I don’t have a xbox or PS3, I WANT PC!!!!!!!!!!!!