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FIFA12: UK Cover Stars Revealed

Following on from the Spanish release, we now also know who the UK cover stars are. Wayne Rooney and Jack Wilshere will also be gracing the Irish, Scandinavian and the Middle Eastern boxes.

Perhaps unsurprising, based on his involvement in recent videos and being so vocal about his love of FIFA on Twitter, Wilshere is joining Shrek on the cover in the very much Marmite Arsenal away kit. Confirmed a few minutes ago via Twitter, we can perhaps expect it to look a little bit like this.

*EDIT* Looks like perhaps this is the whole thing:


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  • Kevin

    I’m confused. This isn’t the official one?

  • Jack

    Loving it :)

  • AJ

    It should have been John Terry and Wayne Bridge, or Cheryl cole and Ashley cole, or Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry…just sayin..

  • ShakesUK

    This’ll please the Wilshere haters over at the official forums. Apparently he’s a girl hitting thug who’s only got a decent fifa rating because he’s english when in actual fact he’s useless at football. I love this time of year at the forums. Some real gems come out the wood work! :)

  • ML

    I’m tired of seeing Wayne Ronnie at the cover! Will it ever end?
    Please get him OFF the cover for FIFA 13.

  • Ed

    It definitely should have been a Man City player instead of Wilshere. Maybe Joleon Lescott or Joe Hart would have been a good choice.

  • Joe Montague

    Love how people are saying it shouldn’t be Wilshere. I mean, it’s not like he is arguably the best young player in the country…

  • anthonyOA

    er… no ed. i’m a spurs fan and i’ll admit that wilshire had a sterling season. while fabregas postured and pouted, he got on with it. especially during that barca game at the emirates.

    rooney was always going to be on the cover. he’s the EA poster boy. (unless he puts on weight and moves to brasil like the last mascot…)

    i’m a fan of joe hart though, i should mention.

  • Farooq

    Whoa a lot of Wilshere haters over here, Jack is King! my favorite quote of his, “Hey come with us, we’ve got more money”
    hahaha what a guy!

  • Josh W

    Wow and heres me thinking it would have been the whole Man City squad with David Rutter bowing and kissing Mancini’s foot.

  • Krash



    Thank God there’s no Kaka!

    Wilshire 100% deserves to be up there, and beautiful design too!

    Roll on Sept. 30th

  • walks

    Joe Hart would make a good cover great shout.
    Im no city fan, it just would’nt look as ugly.

  • http://me.com Man of The Hour

    That cover blows. The template EA uses is stale. The US Cover will better.

  • JMB_94

    Why must they insist on having Rooney pulling an ugly face? He looked alright on the FIFA 11 cover, now he’s gone back to screaming his head off like on the 06-10 covers.

  • Gooner

    Thank you Ruttski for listening to my suggestions to get Wilshere on the Cover ,since they are both from Stevenage and Wilshere best English player along with Wayne Rooney by far !! Be proud to have players like he two. Pure World Class !!!

  • Dazfeeder

    who gives a toss whos on the front, i dont care if its the chuckle brothers, the game case will go on my shelf and never be seen again.

  • Jon

    Wayne Rooney for another year? no surprise there then.

  • SacHpe

    Really nice for me , Rooney again?YES!

  • dibils

    i love arsenals away kit

  • sessho

    Its just a cover.. does anyone really look at it after they open it up an put the game in.. Its not like we ever put it back in to the case :)