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Whilst the FIFA 12 Career Mode play test was under way in Paris friends of FIFA Soccer Blog, managed to grab an interview with the main man David Rutter himself. He had very some interesting things to say about the latest Career Mode announcements so I suggest you take a listen. Many thanks to Nicolas Van Hoorde and for the interview.

FIFA Soccer Blog will be talking to David Rutter today in Guildford so watch out for our own interview, coming soon…


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  • NuggetHead

    the website is stuffed up, can someone maybe give me another link or just post what it says on the website in the comments please.

  • Tom Mills

    in what way is it stuffed up?

  • Greg

    Yay sliders, boo replay theater.

  • ShakesUK

    I actually quite like Rutter but wow, he was annoying in this interview. If he cuts you guys off mid-question every time, give him a slap. He sounded like he was ready to hop on the plane home and be done with it. xD

    Some good info though, all sounds great asides from the way potential through scouting is represented. Overall ratings are really starting to leave a bad taste my mouth when playing the game. No real players run around with a number on top of their head to tell managers how good they are. Managers look for certain qualities that will allow them to fit into a squad, we need the hexagon like stat view to show what players are good at, not just how good they are.

    I also liked the disclaimer at the end about the ‘sliders’. “I’m expecting to see videos online that make the game look silly.” So now every poor ai video is going to be blamed on players messing with the settings. Nice. ^^

  • ShakesUK


    I believe Nuggethead is refering to a rogue close tag somewhere in the body of the html/php. You can see it at the top left of the screen ” /> “. It’s causing the menu css to skew.

  • Tom Mills

    Cheers nick. I can see it now.

    Can’t fix it sadly, will pass it on to the web guys.

  • Nicolas Van Hoorde

    Well, Rutter was just very busy. From one journalist to another. I get that it can be kind of tiresome. And after all, he was really friendly.

  • Ignas from Lithuania

    Fifasoccerblog is a great website and don’t look at these stupid comments. Every morning i come there for news about Fifa 12.

  • Baldur

    What were the settings you could alter with these “sliders” ?

  • Renan

    ShakesUK, you are right. They have to change the overall ratings to a hexagon stats view. It´s much better for comparing players.

  • BC87X

    How darn hard is it to let people save goals to HD this is freaking silly.

  • Illusion


    They could save goals to HD tomorrow, but if they gave you everything you wanted, what would they sell you?

    That’s next years sales pitch. Got to keep you buying the game now.

    Go and watch the John Carpenter film They Live. You may see yourself in that film.

  • brad

    the guy sounds like a complete nob

  • Sam

    Ignas, same :)