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FIWC Dubai Live Finals

It’s the biggest competitive event in the FIFA Calendar, it’s got a fairly decent official coach, has consistently shattered it’s own records and it’s coming to a close for the season.

The live finals of the FIWC in Dubai start in just a few hours and run through to Wednesday the 23rd, featuring 24 contestants that have earned their place by playing in various live and online qualifiers held since October, all battling it out for $20,000 and a trip to the next Ballon d’Or Gala.

Today (21st May) the draw starts at 14:30 GMT followed by the first round. All streamed on

Tomorrow (22nd May) will see the second round of group matches beginning at 10:00 GMT, again streamed live.

Wednesday (23rd May) is 100% knockout, starting with the quarter finals at 14:00 GMT running right through to the FIWC12 final.

Sweetpatch are all over the event, so to keep up to speed you’ll want to be following them on Twitter and keep checking their Facebook Page for updates.

If you’re interested in watching the events unfold you can check the FIWC page on

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  • samson

    lol look out.. every one will play real madrid ..

    question: “your favourite team” “REAL MADRID” your fav player “CR7″ quite everyone…… so we expect madrid vs madrid in every game….

    hilarious those guys have arms like spaghetti… and are under 18…

  • jason

    haha even better =D

    Hobbies “going out” and “dating” HAHAHAHA^^

  • jason

    got a better one :D

    fav club : manu
    fav club in fifa 12 : man city

    and all others got fav a different club as favourite but all the same fifa 12 “fav club” “real madrid”…. so boring

  • jon

    The FIWC games are always painful to watch. All everyone does is abuse the games mechanics! That involves no skill. I’d like to see a manual be MANDATORY for FIWC, then you will see how many will actually get to the top.

  • Dave Witts

    Thanks for the support guys and hope everyone is enjoying our coverage. Match videos, photos and tweets from Day 1 all added :-)

  • Tom Mills

    @jon that would be lovely, but with 20k at stake it’s really nothing to do with FIFA and all about winning at any cost.

  • Paul Smeltzer

    Anyone who says “CR7″ instead of his actual name should be beaten with metal bars until they…well.. die. Too far?

    btw this tournament’s prize money is peanuts compared to the Virgin one. That’s why I’m not there :shifty: