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Free FIFA 10 Commentary Fix Soon

One of the biggest complaints this year (outside of the list of Manager Mode issues) is that FIFA 10’s commentary can be a bit random. There’s a few outdated lines, such as references to Martin Jol managing Tottenham, and a few weird bugs (if the ball rebounds off an adboard and hits the post then the commentator will jump out of their seat and scream that “IT’S HIT THE POST”).

Well, some good news to report. As you can see in this thread, over on the official EA FIFA next-gen forums, a free DLC commentary patch is on the way. Hurrah!

Cue much rejoicing from FIFA fans apart from a distinct bunch of nerds at the back wearing “when will you fix Manager Mode” t-shirts (now available for £12.99 from FIFASoccerBlog – just kidding, our legal department advises us that it’s not a good idea).

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