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FSB Fantasy Football: Week 7

Week 7 in the FSB Fantasy Football league was certainly an interesting one with some big movers across the league table. The most impressive climb however was of course yours truly who’s team Fiorentina Turner now sit smugly in third place, primed for Week 8.

Special mention of course goes to our new leader Tom Collins (best name ever) and his team TOPCAT FC who are a massive 20 points clear at the top, it’s going to take something pretty special to rein him in. Stewart Brewster, John Kessler and Baldur Knutsson also continued their impressive form, locking down the top 5.

Tom’s woes continue now placed 175th…


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  • Tom Mills

    Haven’t actually checked my team for ages. Should look at that.

    You can stick that image up your ass as well.

  • David Bryant

    Lol i actually changed it from a less tasteful one, if you can believe that….

  • Champions67

    Could someone tell me if you can upload custom chants or music onto an xbox 360 using a USB stick?

  • Nizyo

    nope u can’t. u need to burn them on a disc, save them to your harddrive and create playlists.

  • Jegan

    Mine has been shit

  • Champions67

    @Niyzo yes you can,I just got a Forza Motorsport USB stick …. worked fine.

  • Tom Mills

    @champions67 doesnt work. you can only copy mp3s to the non microsoft portion of a USB pen, and you cant copy them from there to the hard drive. you can only create playlists of songs from the hard drive.

  • Champions67

    @Tom Mills,Niyzo Sorry you’re right.I thought it was working but it isn’t letting me save the playlist onto the hard drive.

  • Damon Rowe

    I’ve dropped from 6th to 9th now. Had a couple of bad weeks. GW7 i used my wildcard and it didnt pull off.

    Rebecca Black FC will have a NUMBER 1!!!!

  • Damon Rowe

    oh nooo! its 11th now lol

  • Tom Collins

    Well played everyone and cheers Dave for mentioning me XD