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FSB How To: Download Your Creation Centre Content

The FSB How To Series aims to cover the basics in console to web integration, as well as a few other bits and pieces along the way. It’s primarily intended to give newcomers to FIFA 12 a push in the right direction and providing an outlet for people to post issues and questions relating to the web based features of FIFA and get help from the community. You can find the rest using the How To tag.

Creation centre has made some really good progress this year, an FSB favourite being the ability to add custom logos and sponsors to your created teams. With that being the case, we expect the uptake for Creation Centre to be huge in comparison to last year. So here’s a quick run through of how to get your Creation Centre content onto your console.

Creating your content:

You need to ensure your GT/PSNid is tied to your EASFW account. For help with that, check here. Log into Creation Centre and you’ll be presented with the option to create new players, teams or tournaments. Customise everything exactly as you want, making your way across the tabs at the top. When you’re ready, click the save option on the right hand side and select either personal use or public. If you choose personal use then the item will only be visible to you and won’t appear in any searches.

Bookmarking other peoples creations:

From the Creation Centre app you can flag or bookmark other peoples creations to download and use yourself. When you’ve found an item you want to use, click the bookmark button on the top right (pictured below), this will make the item available for download through your console.

Downloading to your console:

Navigate through the main menu to Customise FIFA>Creation Centre. Use LT/RT to jump between teams, players and tournaments. All of your bookmarked/created items will appear here. Select the item you want and click download. Once it’s got a green tick next to it, it’s downloaded and ready to use.

Using downloaded content in game:

  • Teams – Can be used in exhibition, career mode, unranked head to head and created tournaments. Downloaded teams can be found under the Creation Centre entry when searching through the country menu.
  • Players – Can be assigned to any club by going to Edit teams within the Customise FIFA menu. Go to Change Squads/Rosters>Club Transfers. Navigate to Free Agents and you’ll see a list of your downloaded players. Highlight the player you want to assign and then select which club to send them to.
  • Tournaments - Can be used from either the Career mode menu (If created as a league only tournament) or from the Tournaments section of the Game Modes menu. Navigate to Creation Centre when searching by country and you’ll see your downloaded tournaments.

For more information on Creation Centre and what options are available, you can read this post, for more detail on additional Creation Centre content and pricing see here.

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  • Tom Mills

    @ woody use gimp.

  • Lord Boglet

    thanks guys, sorry I didn’t fully understand the process :) all good now! creation centre improvements are so good!! love the flexibility and the upgrades are pretty cheap really.

  • Lorenzo

    One question guys. Why should we buy the Licensor Pack if we can download the created team into FIFA and then transfer real players into it? Am I missing something?

  • Tom Mills

    @lorenzo you cant transfer players into CC teams

  • Lorenzo

    @Tom Thanks a lot for the reply, Tom.

  • Chris newman

    my creation centre wont load. i have all the updates ….had nothing but trouble with it….help lol

  • Russi

    Please please someone help! I was able to get in once to edit 3 teams while almost no one could edit teams and now I can edit but there’s an error when saving. Also why are some of the bookmarks white?

  • Jonas

    Ey, i’m trying to download teams but received a message, ERROR DOWNLOADING USER GENERATED CONTENT, TRY AGAIN

    any suggestions when EA will fix this?

  • reynolds

    I made my team and it wont show up, not only that but damn what a hassle to even access the website, its all fun and cool until shit doesnt work, makes me just want to say screw it and take the game back, hours wasted for a team to not even show up, so annoying.

  • Tom

    I’m sure it’s obvious, but I just can’t figure out how to create custom uniforms and badges for Pro Club teams. Any help?


    If i download a tournament, do i have to download its teams?????

  • Tom Mills

    @CFCAWY yes mate, and they count towards your total too.

  • Guigas01

    Hey guys, i have the same problem that Jonas has…I bookmarked the FIFA 12 teams and tournaments on the site, but when in the PS3, appears:ERROR DOWNLOADING USER GENERATED CONTENT, TRY AGAIN
    What sould i do,people?? Please,help me! I`m so excited

  • Kike

    when i looking for a player in creation centre this player appears with his real overall (Chiellini 86) but when I add this player to my squad, the overall low (Chiellini 78 )
    Anyone know what happens?
    Is this a bug?

  • Akshay Anand

    I downloaded my created team, now where do i find it in-game?

  • kyl

    yeah, me too

  • Ismail Don Genaral Mazi

    where is the user generated content help me where is it were do you find it

  • Ne-to Velasquez

    How can i make two tournaments play against each other for example make a cup in my league or make one of my teams go to the champion or regional cup

  • Soofi 6448

    I can’t see the creation centre option in CUSTOMIZE. Any Idea?

  • chris

    I bookmark teams, players etc but they do not appear in my ps3 CC what’s wrong?