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FSB How To: Save Screenshots and Replays

The FSB How To Series aims to cover the basics in console to web integration, as well as a few other bits and pieces along the way. It’s primarily intended to give newcomers to FIFA 12 a push in the right direction and provide an outlet for people to post issues and questions relating to the web based features of FIFA and get help from the community. You can find the rest using the How To tag.

The first part of this is once again making sure that your PSNid/Gamertag is properly linked to your EA Sports account. You can find out how to do that if you haven’t already done so here.

Through the replay function in FIFA 12, you can save replays and screenshots to upload and show off through EA Sports Football World. Replays can also be saved offline for playback through Replay Theatre.

There are basically two ways to access replays. You can either pause mid match and select instant replay, or you can wait until the end of the game and select Match Highlights as shown below, be warned though, there is no guarantee that the clip you want will appear there.

Once you’ve loaded the clip you want, you have two options.

For screenshots, set the camera and frame as you want the screenshot to appear. Click the Right Stick down to take the screenshot, select one of the 5 available EASFW slots and click upload.

For replays, set all of your pans and camera angles and hit Y/Triangle to upload. Select whether to upload to one of the 5 available EASFW slots or to save to one of the 50 offline slots to play back through replay theatre.

Playing Back your Media:

To play your saved replays offline, simply navigate to Replay Theatre from the main menu. You can view all of your saved clips in one pane or break them down by online/offline by using RT/LT.

To view your media online, log in to EASFW and select the media tab, then my media as highlighted below.


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  • Spike Chapman

    Do people really need help with this? If so I’m surprised but credit to you, everyone should now know how :D

  • Tom Mills

    @Spike you are very much the opposite of the target audience for these posts :D

  • ato

    fifa 12 patch is out on psn, i don’t know this is first patch or out


    I still don’t understand why do i HAVE to be online to save replays in the offline slots.

  • Bendit

    I still dont understand why we cant store unlimited ammounts on hdd and why the “highlightreel “replays are so short.. ‘sigh

  • Cadu

    Is it possible to save replays and screenshots on the console? I mean… can I take a screnshot and then use it as a wallpaper or save replays and put it on a pendrive?

  • neopheX

    @Tom mate i’ve tried to sign up to the forums and there is not 1 activation email being sent out to me? Can you attend to this when you can?


  • Jep

    I still don’t get why the offline slots can’t be whatever’s left on the hard drive? I mean we aren’t running PS2s with 8mb memory sticks anymore, I’m sure the 300-500gb or larger hard drives everyone has can handle more than 50 replays… Jesus christ.

  • Tom Mills

    @cadu no you can only save screens online.

  • Tom Mills

    @neopheX not the first person to report it, i’ll flag it to luc.

  • SRJ/From Free Libya

    lol 50 replays are way better than the stupid 5 replays in fifa 11

  • SRJ/From Free Libya

    i have an unrelated question .. how can i see my fifa11 match history in easportsfootball ?? seems like after the update i can not find it!

  • neopheX

    @Tom thanks, Arent you able to manually activate the account?

  • Tom Mills

    @neopheX not personally

  • fifaTOON

    i saved a replay of a goal and it only saved the celebration! gutted

  • Pablo


  • luciano vieira

    Friends, I have a doubt, I have at hand the fifa12 yet, if you would like to know how to edit players after creating the career mode, ex: edit, boots, and this edition appear in career mode ever created? Thank you!

  • mullen

    tom so i could save a pic while playing as west brom on fifa 12. say odemwingie and put that wallpaper on the menu screen instead of rooney

  • Tom Mills

    @mullen no you couldn’t do that.