FIFA 96 Retro 7

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FSB Retro – FIFA 96

Long long ago, we decided to move the retro series from being a text based thing to a video based thing, which made them more interesting but also meant that they took a lot longer to put together. So much so that this is the first one since August.

If you missed FIFA International Soccer, you can watch it here, and all of the old wordy ones are here.

Happy New Year!

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  • Zombies ate my Brain

    You really need to improve the audio guys, that video is so quirt I have to turn my volume up 300% to hear it, all other videos on youtube on the same volume are deafening.

  • Tom Mills

    You had to turn the volume up? How inconvenient.

    I fucking hate the internet sometimes.

  • Zombies ate my Brain

    No you don’t understand…. I had to turn it up so loud that it crackles! The audio is too low for me to listen to without risk of deafening myself if I should open another window. I wanted to watch it but couldn’t. Of course being sarcastic is obviously a great way to treat someone who was giving you some feedback.

    Using any peice of software used for video editing you can edit volume, on Vegas for example all I’d need do is drag up the master volume bar, in this case by about 300%.

  • Guilherme Cramer

    Sávio :D

  • Dutchmaster

    this does bring back great memories! it came out during the golden period of my adolescent life, I WANT MY CHILDHOOD BACKKKKKKK

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  • liqur5

    where’s da sound? apart from that, instant classic. the dos version was tha real one though.