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FUT: Free Daily Gifts For PS3 Users

It’s no secret that since the PSN outage FIFA 11 Ultimate Team has been extremely quiet and to be honest with every PS3 console now permanently offline it was to be expected. The FUT Web App has kept things ticking to a certain degree but the number of trades available is a shadow of the usual figures.

But fear not instead of wondering whether you need to change your surname or move house to combat hackers, you can go online with your laptop/pc and pick up Ultimate Team free gifts instead. Brilliant.

This giveaway is for PS3 users ONLY (sorry Xbox guys) and the daily gifts will begin shortly after 12 midnight on April 30th (Now) and will continue until PSN comes back online.

So get online, manage your Ultimate Team and claim your free daily gifts.

FIFA 11 Ultimate Team Web

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  • Tom Mills

    i’d rather have my online services working tbh. ;)

  • David Bryant

    Well I got a Silver Mini-Pack….. So there….

  • Pioneer DJ

    Sony sure are taking there time, if this was Microsoft and Live the world would riot!

  • Fezile

    How weird that these gifts come out on my birthday.

  • IrishWelshCelt

    if they got rid of bid tokens im sure trading on ps3 would be higher!

  • fero

    I got 500 coins… -_-

  • sam

    500 coins and a bronze mini-pack. Plus am I the only person that has a bunch of his players missing eg the whole team

  • jared

    ^yea all my players were gone and all the money sold for them went to bid tokens, luckily i got 2.5k coins and a gold mini pack (nothing good tho :( if anybody wants to buy a riise, ronaldo, samuel, hamsik, pazzini or miccoli it me up. e-mail me at basketballplayer__13@hotmail.com

  • Jose

    lol yesterday i got 1,000 coins, lol now i got 2,500 coins, idk why must be a glitch, i check it at 7:15pm every day