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FUT: Team Of The Year – The Forwards

So we’ve had the FUT: Team of the Year Defence and Midfield and now finally it’s time for the three players on everyone’s wish list, Ronaldo, Messi and Rooney.

The in-form player OVR’s are predictably insane so if you’ve got coins spare, you could probably fund a small county with the proceeds returned from selling one these guys. Good luck.

FUT: Team of the Year: The Forwards


96 – Ronaldo, 98 – Messi, 95 – Rooney


If your lucks in and you do find one of these guys in a pack, hit the comments and let us know.

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  • Rasmus Hansen

    still no luck here with the TOTY’s :(

    but look at this guy, its incredible how lucky he is in packs

  • Paul

    got in form rooney hasnt scored yet though!

  • I Love Sock

    Ultimate Team is the best mode ever in any football game, Pure addiction!

  • Stary Podluch

    cash$$$ baby

  • Danny

    I’ve given up on packs – I never get anything!

  • mariodmp

    @Danny me to, I bought 7 Gold packs of 15K and the best I got was.. Roberto Carlos!

  • Gui Cramer

    Ha, that guy threw away 20 euros.

  • Gabriel

    Has the offer already expired?

  • george

    havent got any yet but dont give up on packs i got ronaldo modric and thiago silva

  • Really EA?

    Rooney in the top 3 striker’s of the year… not Van Persie. Definitly Biased, as Rooney features in most of the Fifa advertisements =(.

  • FIFA 12 Strategy Guide

    i got nothing :/

  • jakejake

    @81ad1a1cf71f40551d8569adafea84c9:disqus who is Roberto carlos