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FUT: Team Of The Year – The Midfield

Monday saw the FIFA World XI 2011 announced at the Ballon D’or Gala and also the release of the Defence in to FIFA 12 Ultimate Team. But today’s it’s the turn of the Midfield and the In Form cards are now Live!

FUT: Team of the Year – The Midfield


96 – Iniesta, 91 – Alonso, 97 – Xavi


A talented bunch I’m sure you’ll agree but Alonso, really? Questionable one that for us so who would you have along side Barcelona’s finest instead?

The final batch of Ultimate Team TOTY players should be with us on Friday and then the scramble for Messi, Rooney and Ronaldo begins. God help us all.

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  • Gaetan92

    that last line killed me haha

  • Arthur Curry

    Is it even feasible to get anyone from the “Team of the Year” without spending 200,000 coins? I spent more money on packs than I care to even think about and have never gotten anyone better ranked than Afellay.

  • Rob

    I’ll replace Alonso with Yaya, imo.

  • Dissatisfied Fifa Player Since ’06

    Fifa Ultimate Team is just a revenue generating gimmick where players are so overrated. You end up spending more on packs containing random, useless players than the price of the game. If you want to build an ultimate team go to the another of EA’s never improved modes, career mode and pick manchester city/ real madrid then buy everyone.

  • Tom Mills

    @Dissatisfied Fifa Player Since ’06 I used to think the same, but actually, you don’t need to spend any money on UT. I’d agree that it’s built in a way to encourage spending money/points on packs, but you can build a good team and enjoy the mode without spending a bean. Funnily enough, I wrote a post for EASF about it that’s going up this afternoon. Check back later.

  • Pete – AKA QuestionBoy2o1o – Twitter

    I agree, the packs cost 25,000 coins…you get maximum 2,000 for winning a torn, unless a special is on, which they hardly ever are! You get about 300-600 coins per game…but a squad fitness cost over 1,000 coins. The logic doesn’t make sense. In the last 2-3 days, just for a challenge, I went and put some points on, im talking about £70-£80, that is the same as Saints Row 3 and Batman arkam city. I spotted 1 black card, during the defenders pack…my smile erupted, I thought, pique, ramos, casillas… NO Distin for Everton… WHAT THE HELL! Last night the midfield pack came on, I spent about £40 just last night, not one black card, or a player who went for over 10,000 … yet the packs cost 25,000. EA have enough money to send some to every fifa player to wipe their own butts at night, yet they drill money and coins out of you. I know fifa can’t make me play it, or buy packs, but if you get a sticker book, £80 worth or stickers are completing the book, all shineys, all rares. Yet £80 gets me a distin for Everton? Please respond fifa, I would like to know what you have to say :)

  • David Bryant

    I think the argument of “I spent £80 on packs and only got Distin” is moot really because no one (not even EA) forced you to spend that much, And everyone knows that the contents of packs are random so you’re at the mercy of lady luck whether you spend £80 or £5.

    Now the system itself is overly geared to encourage the spending of real money as Tom said and the rewards from tournament wins also aren’t enough to warrant the time/effort/team maintenance that goes in to them I again agree. But that’s something we need to feedback as a community, not just spend, spend, spend.

    You can’t really blame the system if you continue to plough cash in to it because it’s only going to make EA think what they’re doing now is working or wanted by us.

    Sort of having your cake and eating it really. You don’t like the system because you haven’t been rewarded with good players for your money, yet you continue to invest in it?


  • Regista>Treqartista

    Modric instead of Alonso and im happy.
    No doubt about Iniesta and Xavi though.

  • http://Www.portfelio.co.uk Mesh

    I have a team of mostly IFs and I havent spent a dime on packs. Its all about patience and reading the market