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FUT Web App Store Now Open

It’s only in Beta at the moment but the FIFA 11 Ultimate Team Online Store is now open for business. At the moment you can only buy packs with coins earned in game (no destroying credit cards just yet) but all pack varieties are available including the much coveted limited edition ones.

I’ve had a flutter in the FUT Online Store myself and managed to get hold of Goran Pandev, not too shabby for my first online purchase.

I have to say the FIFA Ultimate Team Web App is looking fantastic right now and it’s starting to really fulfil its early potential. Let’s hope we see some more innovative upgrades to FIFA’s “persistent football world” soon.

Have you bought any packs in the online store yet? Who did you get?

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  • mfmaxpower

    As a FIFA fan who is really only interested in the single-player side of the game, I really wish EA would expand on the single-player experience in UT. I know that’s not UT’s primary intention but one can’t help but be a little jealous of the polish, depth, and attention EA gives its new cash cow of a game mode.

    A simple idea would be to add full season tournaments to the offline tournament selections. Basically, give us the ability to play an entire season of the EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga etc. As it is now I enjoy messing around with UT but the tournaments are just too short to hold my interest and make me feel invested – it can all feel a tad aimless after a while. (I also miss the player training from UT 09 though I understand that 99-rated players somewhat hurt the multiplayer experience.)

    Again, I know that UT was not created with the single-player in mind, but I think EA are missing out on an opportunity to better satisfy some of its fan base, not to mention possibly sell more packs. You could also consider this a way for us single-players to “hedge our bets” considering the status of MM/CM in recent years.