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GAME Cancel FIFA Street Pre-orders

Today’s hottest gaming news is that UK retailer GAME have cancelled all pre-orders on EA published titles, which includes of course, FIFA Street.

SSX will be the last game to go on sale meaning that Mass Effect 3 has also been cut from the retailers roster. Perhaps more concerning is that there are rumours of deposits only being refunded with store credit which is sure to infuriate many gamers who’ve now been let down.

The ramifications for GAME and how they plan to survive without selling blockbuster EA titles are obviously much wider and their place on the high-street is now in firmly in jeopardy.

Did you pre-order FIFA Street with Game? Will they be missed on the UK high-street? Let us know.

Source: Eurogamer

*UPDATE* To hopefully avoid confusion, here’s the list of UK retailers currently offering the bonus:,, and


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  • prabs

    if game dont give back money in cash/non-credit form.. they are going to cause a heck lot of damage to themselves. Very bad move , if true.

  • Luke

    wow i pre-ordered it there and have now preordered it at hmv and getting my money back soon cant believe it

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  • Boon

    asda are doing thesame deal …plus if u google it you get a code for £5 extra off


    I pre ordered it and i didnt get it either(i did it on the game website) im only 13 and i was looking forward for a month for fifa street 4 even people got it 3 days ago and i dont even get it the day its supposed to come out, GAME are really crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!