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GAME Cancel FIFA Street Pre-orders

Today’s hottest gaming news is that UK retailer GAME have cancelled all pre-orders on EA published titles, which includes of course, FIFA Street.

SSX will be the last game to go on sale meaning that Mass Effect 3 has also been cut from the retailers roster. Perhaps more concerning is that there are rumours of deposits only being refunded with store credit which is sure to infuriate many gamers who’ve now been let down.

TheĀ ramificationsĀ for GAME and how they plan to survive without selling blockbuster EA titles are obviously much wider and their place on the high-street is now in firmly in jeopardy.

Did you pre-order FIFA Street with Game? Will they be missed on the UK high-street? Let us know.

Source: Eurogamer

*UPDATE* To hopefully avoid confusion, here’s the list of UK retailers currently offering the bonus:,, and


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  • Dave Witts


  • bender

    i dont get it…. im from germany does it involve me too ?

  • david white

    gamestation aswell btw

  • bob

    my order hadn’t been cancelled so i have just done it to make sure i dont get crappy store credit :D

  • bimo santos

    Pre ordered from ganestation nipped in this morn after seeing the news and they have said theres no march ea games atm but the could get them in april as well as april releases

    Anyway i cancelled my pre order and got my 5 pound deposit and an extra 5 pound onto my elite card as an apology for not stocking

    I get the impression fifa street isnt a definate yet though

  • Arti

    i won’t miss Game.thieving beeeeep.The supermarkets are the best for prices. The quicker Game goes the better.

  • bimo santos

    @arti bit harsh imo understand what everyone is saying
    But cant knock them for the cheap gems no supermarket will be selling 2 for 20 on some pretty decent games

    However i agree for new titles they can be good but with no comp their prices will rise

    Hmv are by far worse than game and station imo
    Although they usually offer better trade rates

  • Josh

    Is this for Gamestation aswell?

  • bender

    did play the demo for 2 hours.. and must say im a bit disappointed… the game doesnt feels like on the videos we saw before… although i know all the tricks by just playing 2 hours…and as well the grafics on ps3 looks like 720p no hd…

  • David Bryant

    This is most likely for Gamestation as well however it hasn’t been confirmed.

    If you have a pre-order the best thing to do is contact GAME/Gamestation and ask for advice.

  • Ned

    It is for Gamestation as well they are part of the Game group and what goes for Game goes for Gamestation. The real question is what will happen to the exclusive pre-order bonus now? It was previously a Game Group exclusive. I’m hoping it will be transferred to the the online retailers as in the case of Mass Effect 3.

  • Ned

    Also EA have removed both the Game and Gamestation logos from the pre order section of the Fifa Street site. Fifa Street is no longer on the Gamestation website. As has Mass Effect. Bizarrely Tiger Woods 13 is still listed but only on PS3.

  • noidea

    Well the world is bankrupt, what do you expect. The pain hasn’t even started yet.

  • noidea

    All these football clubs that keep getting bailed out. Soon these clubs will take on so much water they’re gonna sink.

  • DodgyAussie

    Could we be moving towards full digital downloading? Thought this could be a strong possibility on the next lot of consoles to come out.

  • contte

    wait what exactly has happened? i live in sweden and pre ordered ea games yesterday, and they didnt say anything. i think fifasoccerblog is lying?

  • Tom Mills

    @contte i think you’ve got the wrong end of the stick. where did you pre order from?

  • contte

    after reading this it seems they are just having problems with stocking the game or??
    “”We currently have a supply issue with regards to Mass Effect 3, which means that GAME and gamestation will not be able to fulfil orders for Mass Effect 3 at this time. We want to give customers as much notice about this as possible and provide them with a range of options ahead of launch.””

  • contte

    @Tom Mills
    i ordered my ssx yesterday at a local game store in my city in sweden and fifa street a week ago. i know the guy in the store and i suppose he wouldhave told me?

  • Tom Mills

    @contte the issue only affects GAME and GameStation, the UK game retailers. Nothing overseas.