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gamescom: David Rutter Q&A

After the EA Press Conference at gamescom today FIFA 12 Line Producer David Rutter headed straight back stage to answer questions from the FIFA community about the latest round of announcements. We’re close followers of Dave’s shirt choices at major shows like gamescom and we weren’t left disappointed when he took to the stage in this┬ástripy┬ánumber…

It’s a little later than advertised but here’s the gamescom Q&A with David Rutter:

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  • anthonyOA

    The most important answer is known. He said the shirt is from Paul Smith. It was announced on twitter.

  • David Bryant

    Ok so “Giant Bubble Heads” and “Can you die in Career Mode?” questions make the cut for the Q&A with Dave Rutter and yet my question on AI and movement didn’t?


    Nearly broke our new comment guidelines then but come on!

  • Gavin Porter

    Lol Can you die in Career mode? Yes on your Debut Barton will stamp on you

  • anthonyOA

    Pro-passing with more error? Nice. Sliders sound great too. It’s what really made 2KSports titles stand out.

  • J

    Will they ever add any South American leagues other than Brazil?

  • BC87X

    Is there a reason why the most useless questions always get picked for Q&A?

    Are u guys @ FSB going to have any more one on one time with Rutter or someone else from the production team before release?

    If u are I would just like to know how the players develop in CM this year is it based on performance through the season or is it based on a potential limiter that determines how much a player can improve at most per season and how will FORM impact the player and to what extend will it impact their physical as well as there mental or both?

  • Tom Mills

    @BC87X we aren’t sure yet, but if we do i’ll bear that in mind.

  • ShakesUK

    Apparently my question about creation centre integrating with clubs was less important than bubbleheads and dieing in career mode.

    Go figure. -_-

  • neopheX

    I am sorry, But what do EA do? Accept questions from stupid kids obviously?

    Seriously that was the biggest down right waste of 10 minutes i’ve ever encountered in a long time! Can u die? Bubble heads? UT? Who gives a shit, focus on the REAL aspects of the game which is GAMEPLAY! God EA are really daft and ruttard is just as meaningless with his answers.

  • theirfan38

    Seriously mister Rutter, stop kidding with your audience. Stop listenning and answering questions from 12 years old kids…And start to listen to us, your mature adult audience(customer)…
    I am realy pissed of those kind of stupid Q/A…
    It is becoming realy an offense towards us!

  • KenseiTamasii

    neopheX +1 mate,for sure this “new” interview don`t provide any new details as well.Just a scratch about VP, about a club and same old Ultimate team stuff and bla bla bla story again.Just disappointing.

  • erengurkan

    Can anyone tell me if they are pickting these questions on purpose? Like are they just being sarcastic and pickting these questions, or do they feel like not giving any info about the really important questions? I myself am really dissapointed with this Q&A TBH.

  • Q

    You guys know what the worst thing is about this? I’ve seen a LOT of David Rutter interviews and the ‘can you die?’ question has already been asked and answered by him, it was a few months back :/ think with a German interviewer.

  • MOBi

    hey watya know, rutter got my question about pro passing error. just hope they’ve added enough. The sliders are cool for offline purposes but when all i play is online games thats not gona help me much

  • Phil Johnston

    From that im guess no creation center integration with clubs and basicly no changes to clubs or pros either.

    i assumed it was a Pretty popular mode.. Ever single person on my friends list plays it. I guess not. Ffs

  • Spike Chapman

    Typical Q & A. No information that the more hardcore players want answered… the reason why these Q & A’s are a waste of time is because EA pick the questions they want to answer rather than what the community want answered. Getting pretty frustrated with EA’s marketing this year.

  • HoB

    The important thing to remember is that these things aren’t for us. FIFA 12 presentations at E3 or Gamescom aren’t aimed at those of us who check FSB or other dedicated sites daily. Q&A’s like the above are for people whose level research doesn’t go any further than joining the FIFA 12 Facebook group. For these people, utterly stupid questions like ‘can you die in Career mode’ are the sorts of things they want to know.

    Dave Rutter is not the person we should be talking to about such things, because his megaphone is pointed at the masses. He’s essentially the head marketing rep, so every answer you get from him is with marketing in mind. We want to cut through the glossy BS, but the BS is what he’s paid to supply. So getting mad at Rutter for not picking our line of questions is getting mad at a salesman for trying to sell.

    The biggest problem is that there just isn’t an alternative source of information for the rest of us.

  • Punjabi_Souljah

    Great to hear that there are going to be sliders. Hopefully, this will allow us to make the game feel extremely realistic offline.

    Now, I just hope that the AI is improved, so that you get players making diagonal and decoy runs, as well as spinning off there markers, more overlaps, improved midfield support in attacts etc.

  • Mucka

    Well im sick of EA answering only the questions they have tweaked in the game. I seen AI questions being asked and none was answered… Im so let down with this game because its not a simulator, its a COD game with a ball.

    UT is now on the disk? last year they said there running out of disk space so what did they take off or not work on to add UT to disk?

  • Paul

    What a waste of time.