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Gaming BAFTA Winners Revealed

Last night the winners of the 2010 Video Game BAFTA awards were revealed at a glitzy ceremony held in London. FIFA11 was nominated in two categories for Best Sports Game and Best Game whilst FIFA Superstars was nominated in the Best Social Network Game category. But sadly it wasn’t to be FIFA’s night as it was piped to the post in all three categories.

The Best Sports Game award was won by F1 2010 with FIFA11 close behind and the Best Social Network Game was awarded to My Empire by Playfish. The award that everyone was after was Best Game of 2010 and that did go to an EA title with Bioware’s magnificent Mass Effect 2 taking the top prize and deservedly so.

The biggest winner of the night though was probably Heavey Rain which scooped an impressive three awards for Technical Innovation, Original Music and Story.

For a full run down of the 2010 Gaming BAFTA winners you can visit the BAFTA Web site HERE

Do you think FIFA11 deserved to win?

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  • Shahadot

    dont think fifa deserved to win it this year. It wasnt the best fifa game of the series unfortunately

  • glen

    Love how they list “gary” patterson as “gavin” patterson……

  • Tom Mills

    Lol, poor old Gav.

  • David Bryant

    Oh dear, you’d think BAFTA would have their information right wouldn’t you?

    And the award for Best Actor goes to……

    Colin Forth

  • Guilherme

    FIFA 11 didn’t deserve to win, but if F1 2010 won it then I expect Premier Manager on the PS3 to take the award next year.

    Seriously, that is as much bullsh*t as the Oscars.

  • Josh W

    Im glad F1 2010 took the award in all honesty. FIFA just didnt deserve it this year.

  • Guilherme

    F1 2010 was super glitchy and had some poor stuff. If anything, keep giving it to Football Manager until anything else is as good.

  • David Bryant

    I was surprised that F1 2010 took the top award purely because it was so bug ridden at launch. I know some of it has been sorted out now via patches but still, your core product needs to stand up as soon as you release imo.

    Maybe as it’s the “Best Sports Game” of 2010 I should rent this bad boy?

  • Josh W

    I wouldnt disagree it came with its bugs, but to codemasters credit they flatttened nearly all of these out and even included new game mechanics that the fans requested such as split times to the car infront and behind you when it wasnt originally put in the game. I know it should have been in there from the off but least they did something about it. Yeh id say give it a rent Dave and see what you think.

  • Guilherme

    They didn’t nearly flatten all of them. The pitstop bug and the puncture issue were mostly gone (I have read I think 2 cases where they weren’t) and then they added MORE bugs.

    A quick glance at the F1 2010 forum will show you.

    @David Bryant : the game will likely feel awesome at first but if you have an eye for detail in some 3 days of regular playing you’ll start noticing things.

  • graeme

    f1 2010 deserved to win.what they did in two years making the game ok there were bugs.but fifa 11 its 4 years in the making still bugs.ive got both games when playing f1 i dont feel frustrated like i do wen playing fifa 11 at times.

  • David Bryant

    Thanks for the info guys I think a rental is the safest way to go based on your comments. I’ll definitely give it a look :)

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