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iFVPA Club Meets Country: Update

When we posted about the FVPA’s ambitious Virtual Pro World Cup project (iFVPA) in early January I guess most people would have thought that it would take the guys at FVPA months to organise and assemble such a large and diverse roster of teams. But just one month in, International friendlies are already taking place between countries from all around the world on both major platforms.

The PS3 community now boasts eleven registered nations, England, Wales, USA, Algeria, Costa Rica, France, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Peru and Scotland with the Xbox360 community following closely behind with nine. iFVPA Wales (PS3) and iFVPA Spain (Xbox360) are currently top of the world rankings.

So if you think you could be the manager of a new nation, or you want to get involved and play for your country head over to the iFVPA website and have a look at the fantastic work taking place.

You can also check out some of the latest match highlights on the iFVPA YouTube channel too.

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  • urdah

    alot of the squads have been chosen now but trials are still available

  • Bulkman

    Everyone of those teams consist of cheaters/glitchers and lets not forget those games are on of the most boring games u could play. Be it the 5-3-2 formation or the enormous lag.

  • http://www.ifvpa.com Kelley Lewis

    Thanks for the Update guys!

    The iFVPA are very pleased with the way this is progressing. We now have 8 International Clubs Communities that are representing 12 Countries on PS3 and 10 Countries on Xbox. We also have a few more Communities/Nations who are in the process of meeting the Criteria to also be added.

    We spent a long time discussing the World Rankings and how best to calculate them and we feel that we have a very good calculation base to start with, this went Live on the 1st February, Ranking Points are rewarded for Friendly results as well as Tournament Results and Ranking is based on points earned over the previous 20 Matches. How these points are rewarded can be seen here: http://ifvpa.com/?id=16

    The FVPA’s Phil wrote the Statistics Database which calculates the World Ranking based on the Results entered and gives extra information that we can extract and display across the Website. As this has been written in house it gives us extra scope to modify as and when the need arises for further functionality.

    The introduction of a fixtures Calendar and easy to submit templates for International managers requesting fixtures and results makes the management of the project a lot easier for everyone involved. We have a dedicated Web Developer, Applications Manager, Fixtures Co-ordinator and Stats Updater.

    The first official International Tournament on PS3 Kicks off tomorrow, you can see the excellent video trailer here: http://ifvpa.com/index.php?id=26

    This project is very exciting and without the hard work of Community Representatives would not be possible! The Vision of a Virtual Pro World Cup on both PS3 and Xbox in the future is definitely looking a lot clearer.

    Many Thanks

  • http://www.iFVPA.co.uk BigZombieMonkey

    Bulkman says:

    Everyone of those teams consist of cheaters/glitchers and lets not forget those games are on of the most boring games u could play. Be it the 5-3-2 formation or the enormous lag.

    I doubt that to be true but even if it was the iFVPA matches are recorded and count even if the servers don’t count them.

    So say England decided to glitch the game then it would:

    1) Be recorded and the players could be dealt with and
    2) the result would go against the glitching team or would be replayed without the cheats who would then be removed from their national squad.

  • Bulkman

    BZM u yourself glitch so don’t try to act like u don’t know what I mean.

  • randomer

    sounds like bulkman is just mad he didnt make his country team

  • David Bryant

    Congratulations to iFVPA England on their back to back wins against iFVPA Mexico last night. C’mon England!!!

  • Bulkman

    I am not mad at anything it just really sad, when one power tripping scrub manager thinks he is actually good and acts like he is all fair, while once out of the national club he quits and makes up stupid excuses for glitching out.

    Also, I already hit the peak of clubs by new year with Fifazillas as the number #1 club in the world and two season titles nothing really left to do since the glitch.