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IGN Grill Mike Takla On Virtual Pro And More

IGN have just posted up an interview with one of FIFA 10’s producers Mike Takla, where he talks about Virtual Pro and all the things that make it so good. Click here to see the article.

But more than that, on the EA forums, Mr. Takla has been answering the public’s concerns about facing teams filled with 7ft 8in Virtual Pros, along with other possible exploits. Take a look at his answers below:

To save you from having too many nightmares I thought I’d let you know that when creating or editing your Virtual Pro their physical build affects their physical attributes. For example:

I make a player who is 5’9″ & 150lbs.
You make a player who 6’4″ & 230lbs.

My player will have better acceleration, agility and sprint speed, your player will have better strength, aggression, jumping and balance.

The above maybe not 100% accurate with regards to what affects what, but that should give you the general idea I hope.

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