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Lack Of Qualifers + Gameplay Improvements In Euro DLC Explained

In a revealing interview with Eurogamer, EA’s Sebastian Enrique has further explained the reasoning behind some of the Euro 2012 DLC’s design decisions, including answers on the controversial topics of the lacking gameplay improvements, and the missing qualifying rounds.

On the topic of gameplay, Enrique explains that “We felt FIFA 12 gameplay was good enough – it’s really good – it’s not just good enough, that it allowed us to concentrate on providing a variety of game modes for people to enjoy. Plus, we are so close to whatever comes next”

And in regards to qualifiers: “When we were doing the concept for Euro, we gathered all the stats to see what people were playing in FIFA, what people played in the World Cup game, what people played in the Euro 08 game.” “Seriously, not that many people played the qualifiers. Most of the people just jumped directly into the finals.”

Head over to Eurogamer for the rest of the interview which explains more on these topics and more: click here.

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  • kenneth

    Some fans have questioned the decision to ditch qualification – a long-running feature of FIFA event titles – for the Euro 2012 DLC. Enrique took this decision because, according to EA’s statistics, hardly anyone bothered playing the qualifiers.
    Are they stupid all the real fans are playing qualification!
    maybe not all the time but it must be there for god sake!!

  • Uche

    After loads of complaints on EA forum, me and a lot of my mates got banned. That for us is the end of playing fifa. Can’t waste my money on people who do not value their customers.

  • impy

    Look, if you don’t think it represents value for money. Don’t buy, it’s that simple.

    Unfortunately for a lot of you, your curiosity gets the better of you and you go and buy it just to see what it’s like. Then you get disappointed that you’ve been had.

    How long before the message clicks? You won’t be missing out if you don’t buy, you should be happy that for once your not the mug.

  • jon

    The gameplay is good enough for the casuals. It’s just bearable for me. With auto-positoning, auto-tackling superhuman a.i who have no reaction times, and goalkeepers who react with a fraction of a second after shooting the ball, referees not giving the right calls, offside is massively flawed.. I could just go on and on.

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  • grr

    Ban me you stupid ####s. Who thought getting rid of qualifications was a fucking good idea? Why bother including all 50 nations if thats the case? I can’t believe I bought it, always read the fine print when ea are involved.

  • Bill

    And what about EA leaving out a bunch of licences, including one of the national host teams?

  • Fan

    Can’t believe so many people fell for it, called it soon as the DLC was priced. Did no one realise that you could of created a better experience downloading the teams via creation centre?

  • Paul

    They have soooo made gameplay alterations. And most of them for the worse.