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New FIFA 11 Patch Details Revealed

We’ve all been crying out for another FIFA 11 patch for some time now and finally it’s on the way. According to Romily Broad the patch is currently with Microsoft and Sony for certification so the due date for this patch is literally imminent. As well as fixes for FIFA11 there are also a few bundled in for Ultimate Team as well which aim to tidy up some issues caused by the “Play a Friend Challenge” update a few weeks ago.

Anyway what you really want to know is what’s been fixed so here’s a brief summary:

  • Firstly, we will be fixing an issue with FIFA 11’s Clubs mode which allows clubs to unfairly end games without a penalty when they are losing: The so-called Trigger Glitch. This involves clubs arranging a disconnection to the game via the Player Ratings screen. To make extra sure that this issue is completely resolved for you, we will be removing this screen from the pause menu of all online modes.
  • Secondly, we will be addressing poor teammate AI when playing as a Virtual Pro. Our fix will make sure that, no matter what difficulty you set for your opponent, your team AI will be much improved, making for an altogether better experience when playing the game in this way.
  • Finally, we will correct a problem where your Virtual Pro can’t be brought into your Career Mode game.

And for FIFA Ultimate Team you can expect:

  • After the release of the new Ultimate Team features it became possible for some users to gain control of an opponent’s team during online play. We will stop this happening.
  • We will correct an issue that prevents FUT players placing bids in auctions above 1,000,000 coins.
  • We will fix a problem that causes the scrolling to accelerate uncontrollably when using the D-Pad to select a bid amount on auctions.
  • Finally, dysfunctional ‘take-me-there’ links within the FUT interface will be working again.

To see the full post from Romily Broad head over the the EA FIFA Forums.

I guess the big question for the community is, does this patch for FIFA 11 go far enough? I know many of you would have been hoping for gameplay tweaks and Career Mode fixes so this patch may leave some disappointed. Get in touch and let us know your thoughts on FIFA 11′s newest and most likely last, patch.

Thanks to Richegroover for the heads up.

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  • R10rdan

    When will the patch come out?

  • David Bryant

    @R10rdan its with Sony and MS at the moment so it all depends when they give it the all clear. Once they do then it will be released, based on previous experience Sony’s approval process is quicker so I’d expect PS3 users to get it first.

    Not by much though…

  • Eman

    I think I might have just got pwned. Ah well, like I said its a great moment and I’ll never tire of that picture. Same can’t be said about the patch though :(

  • http://fifasoccerblog.com/blog/new-fifa-11-patch-details-revealed/ Alwaled Aljehani

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  • http://www.soccersanchez.webs.com Bryan

    Hoping this path might improve gameplay but very much doubt it.

    what exactly does this mean tho >>>

    ‘Finally, we will correct a problem where your Virtual Pro can’t be brought into your Career Mode game’

  • http://www.soccersanchez.webs.com Bryan

    ^^^ patch ^^^

  • http://www.islamhouse.com/ abdul aziz

    Good news thanks EA
    Do not forget the Saudi league in FIFA12 PLZ

  • dilirium

    When is this supposed to come out its been a week now and no updates yet?

  • David Bryant

    @dilirium Still with Sony/MS allegedly but I will enquire about whether there is a locked in date yet or not. Hopefully soon :(

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  • FIFA101

    March 16 officially from what I’ve heard for both XBOX 360 and PS3

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  • the-playmaker_32

    No online h2h fixes with this patch? What a joke!

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  • Manzi

    When will it come out

  • Tom Mills

    a few weeks ago…