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FIFA 13 Patch Detailed

EA are starting to apply some vulcanising rubber to FIFA 13. The first FIFA 13 patch is being rolled out as you read this, although It’s currently only available to PC users. Weighing in at around 200MB it’s pretty hefty and contains the following fixes:

• Connection stability in Online Seasons when finding an opponent in the Arena, and at kick-off.
• Career Mode freeze while starting a new career with free agents.
• Career Mode hangs when using Game Face.
• Stability in Career Mode when players retire or are being bought back from loan.
• Users will no longer be able to lower difficulty settings in a FUT Seasons match.
• Freeze in FUT Online Tournament HUB on PS3.
• Legacy defending and passing assistance options removed in Pro Clubs.
• Freeze in Pro Clubs Results screen.
• Matchmaking settings in Pro Clubs (with “ANY” and “Match Keeper”) will provide the desired results.
• Changes made in National Squad not properly reflected in Manager Mode screen.
• (PC Only) Freeze while retrieving Hospitality Settings.

Not so much a fix, rather an update but Napoli will now be fully licensed with both their kits and crest being changed.

Additionally EA are confident that maintenance performed yesterday fixed the following three problems:

  • Missing and Stuck items in your trade pile/watch lists.
  • Duplicated match results in seasons and friendlies.
  • Relegation from Div 1 with games remaining.

There is also more downtime tomorrow (12th in the UK 11th in NA) to perform some surgery on the auction house, update some EASFC App/FUT error messages and resolve a leaderboard issue.

The patch will become available for Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 users at some point this weekend.

You can read the full announcement on the EA Forums.

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  • goonerguy1

    yeah…It was in the demo..

  • gio

    if they can license napoli why not get the nou camp back in the game, Messi is their cover-star isn’t he? also why did they remove the celebrations zoom and all the boots from the demo? EA surely is taking the piss with this buggy game !!

  • Leonardo Ratafia

    great news about Napoli getting the Oficial license with both their kits and crest. but i would expect that for all the International teams, or at least put the top 20-25 from fifa’s rank but with full support of the kits, not just the stupid flag in the jersey.. it’s a shame!! for a title that sells several millions of dollars

  • http://twitter.com/nowherelad Kevin

    As always, shit fixes for online shit features.

    What about the ones who play offline? What about the “hey-you-can’t-play-at-dusk-because-I-say-so” glitch? That’s the thing that has gotten me the most annoyed. Why can’t I play during the time of day I want, since you made playing during day so horrible looking?

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Edilberto-Tapia/738071171 Edilberto Tapia

    as the matter fact, like many other bugs, i found one in favor to me due to i’ve been playing fifa since fifa 11, and i found myself a great spot to be inside the pro-player mode as a CB, club mode, and all related to the pro-virtual player.

    Now, the bug im reffering to, is that while you are in club matches, you can have access to the control configuration, and change the tactic deffense mode, to the legendary mode. the thing here is that i find this bug a really good opportunity to go back into that style of deffense that i knew, honestly speaking in fifa 12 they added the tactic mode, and forced people like me, that used to play CB, to start defending in a new way that i never liked. even when the game has the option to allow you to play deffense as legendary mode, it´s only avaliable in exhibition, not for online modes.

    This bug, that also is no bug for me, offers to the players to CHOOOOOSE they’re own style of game, so all those CB who learned to play tactic, choose tactic, and those who always liked legendary mode(like me), can choose this style of defending, and prove themselves against other players.

    This game offers a whole variety of styles, agressive, pass to pass, and so many others that combined in the game allows all the fifa players to be UNIQUE in the game, so please to the administrator of this blog, read this comment and hopefully move my complaint to the fifa developers, to allow legendary deffense mode to be used in all the online modes of the game. At the end, that´s what this game is about, that´s what makes the game so beautiful and complex, that people identify themselves in the game and CHOOSE(i’m marking this word in capital letters cos that´s exactly what the game does not aoow you to do, just this is what you have to play, and get used to it, that´s not the idea.) their own style and face it against all the other players, be recognized as an original player, and not to be always the same like many others.

    Please, understand my point of view, and make them understand that the game shouldn´t be a MUST, but a CHOOSE way of playing.

  • Magooder

    The only freezing I’m getting in career mode occurs right after I sign a youth squad player to my senior squad. I’m a bit concerned that this wasn’t mentioned as one of the career mode fixes in the patch… Will it be fixed?

  • MrCash

    A new 200MB update just landed for PC as of today (15/10/12) .. I wonder if it includes fixes to previous patch and might be a clue to update for console to come soon?

  • jim

    Holding ‘A’ is fun.

  • fifa_nut

    if you google “fifa 13 button lag” you get 4,120,000 results……this is a bad problem with this game online making the game impossible to play at some points….this guy has put up a very interesting post on the EA Answer HQ and has had no reply….Why are EA not addressing peoples views Tom, you guys have a relationship with them why arn’t you asking them the tuff questions aswell as the soft-soap?…heres the link:


  • http://www.facebook.com/kenneth.klausen.3 Kenneth Klausen

    when are this patch coming out !?
    The game has been out for almost a month now!
    what about when the game is freezing at the end of first season!?
    you cant go further the last 31 may after first season the game is freezing in career mode!
    fix it or i will never buy this shiiit again!!!
    1 month and nothing is happened!
    also the commentators dissapear in the game

  • http://www.facebook.com/dirk.buitelaar Dirk Buitelaar

    what the F*ck EA…. what the hell did you guys do to fifa 13, we did not had any problems with disconnections and passes form the computer, but after the update, people drop by the minute, and the computer can’t get the ball to an other player without losing it first 10 times, the ball always drops in the foot of the apponent. we played 7 games yesterday and we lost everything by stupid fifa goals, deffenders kick the ball away to stupid directions the take weird possisions…. what is wrong with that anybody else has the same problems…..????

    EA please fixs that….

  • http://twitter.com/ArghyadeepG Arghya_JUVENTUS fan

    why cant i play at dusk in career mode.whenever i selct dusk it chamges to day amd night.Screew u EA

  • Adrian

    Anybody knows why my I can`t find the db file in the fifa 13 folder?I tried to reinstall the game but no result…Any idea?

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  • disqus_p3fadqp8E1

    where can i download this for pc plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • disqus_p3fadqp8E1

    plz be kind enuff to drop me a line at loosecannon_leo@hotmail.com :(