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PSM3 Needs You!

PSM3 are looking to compile the ultimate Fifa playing guide, and they want your help. Do you have an unbeatable formation? Have you created the perfect custom set peice? If so they want to hear from you.

They are looking for experienced players to pass on their secrets to becoming a better Fifa player and where better to get that information than direct from the Fifa community itself. Mainly they want hints and tips in the following areas:

General playing advice
Set Pieces
Best/Most Useful Tricks
Tactics – the best tactic slider settings for specific teams and formations
How to use the d-pad tactics
Best Teams
Best Players
How to stop the best teams/players

But don’t stop there, if there is anything else you think would be useful to new (or experienced) Fifa players then send it over to before the deadline on the 22nd of October. Any tips used will be credited in the magazine and on the website and there are prizes on offer for the best advice.


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  • Stephen Ostler

    Always play as your team, you will know them better then any other so a Darren Fletcher can be more use then Messi if you know how to use him. Constant use of the L1 button prompt as a speedy Patrice Evra on the over lap can carve open the opponents defense in seconds. Be creative and forward thinking, no one ever one a match by defending, always use your players specialities. Scholes passing, Evra’s pace, Vidic’s heading ability, and so on. These can win you games as creating chances on Fifa this year is more limited. If a attacker is coming towards you get your Vidic or JT and hold X and the standing tackle 9 times out of ten will be successful. Long range shooting is often ineffective often using a player to cut in from wide out and on their stronger foot arrowing a shot in the opposite corner of the goal seems to be successful. For Free kicks out side the area unless your team has a free kick specialist I tend to call the 2nd attacker, get him to square the ball along the pitch and for a Scholes or rooney to hit the ball first time with a more powerful shot. When attacking with a winger stay out of tackling distance from the defender, a quick step over and flick with correct timing can open up space for your winger. I’m not very acumstomed to the tactics and all but at the start of every game with my team (United as may have been guessed) I always hit right on the D-pad until the “very attacking” text on the player bar appears to give my team a forward thinking mentality. The best teams are obviously your Madrid’s, Barcelona’s and Manchester United’s bar a missing Rooney or two. When trying to stop either Messi or Ronaldo Evra and Vidic always seem to be very effective, Evra’s pace can force them out wide while Vidic’s strength and tackling speciality can dispossess them. My main tip is to enjoy the game and don’t skip straight to Barcelona or Madrid just for the star players and have fun taking that league title back from Chelsea!

  • Gareth Mensah

    October 22nd that’s not a lot of time to come up with the goods. If anybody wants to share their innovative formation after the deadline, I will gladly post it on the Video Game Canon ( )

  • Johnathan A (Nefurnest)

    I have plenty of tips, but I think I’d much rather send you it via email then post it here, people will then know all the tips wouldn’t they?

  • miguel amezcua

    General playing advice: pass the continually like give and go!
    Shooting: shoot fron long range pressing R1 on a open area
    Passing: chip pass, through pass
    Tackling: u gotta be smar n carefull when tackle i recommend stand tackle
    Set Pieces:create a set piece that will aloud a player to be on a open area
    Dribbling: to dribble use the highes skilled person on the team dribble a little before aproching the opponent
    Best/Most Useful TricksTactics: offensive, offside trap flip flop, 360, the rainbow
    the best tactic slider settings for specific teams and formations: 4-4-3, real madrid, barca, man u, inter
    How to use the d-pad tactics: offensive trap, team pressing
    Best Teams: real madrid, barca, man u, inter, chealsea, liverpool, spain, germany,
    Best Players: cristian ronaldo, messi, kaka, Özil, iniesta, milito, xabi hernandez, nany, rooney, drogba, dani alvez, pique, puyol, di maria
    How to stop the best teams/players: mark him with two defenders, scare the opponent with the golie tap triangle a few times

  • Ali J.

    I don’t really have time to put in any comments, but the one that I do have is:

    5-2-3 formation. Teams who had this (I believe in 2010 WC Paraguay did) were very resistant to attacks from high profile teams even in Legendary. If I had one tip, it would be that.

  • Tom Mills

    Guys i’ll harvest these out and pass them on, but as it says in the article, you need to send them straight to the email address in the post.

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