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Saudi League Licensed For FIFA 13?

The Saudi Professional League could be the first new licensed league to be revealed for FIFA 13.

Detailed in a post on their Official Website, both Najran and Al-Ansar have been visited by EA for capture sessions. Nasser Al-Shamrani have also been photographed individually, possibly for regional covers or real player faces.

This hasn’t been officially confirmed by EA yet but we did hear similar rumblings a few months ago. For now take it with a pinch of salt perhaps but to us this looks nailed on.

Thanks to FIFAKulte (FIFA 13) for the heads up.

Seeing as this always sparks a fair bit of discussion we’ll ask again, which other leagues do you guys feel are missing?

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  • Me again

    Another league I won’t bother playing :)

  • guffy

    @KhalidA go back and read your posts u numpty you said bahrain where higher ranked than rep of ireland and bulgaria and should be included in fifa 13



  • sam

    lol i dont know a single team nor a player…. this is so wrong..

  • Tom Mills

    @sam that doesn’t mean other people don’t though…

  • Nick (USA)

    I think the only league we all truly care about and want in the game is champions league. i know pes has the license and boy do they present it beautifully. one day fifa we can only hope.

  • George Bass

    I know it won’t ever happen, but I’d love Fifa to have the Blue Square Bet Premier (Conference). Just to play as Lincoln City again. :(

  • Tom Mills

    @george me too.

  • Kevin g

    South american teams?! Many people along with myself have been asking for years..

  • David Bryant

    As far as I’m concerned any new licensed league is a huge positive (even though this isn’t 100% confirmed yet) but that’s not to say it’s at the top of my wishlist either, Argentina and the J-League are probably my top two.

    Mind you, lets hope EA can sort out their dispute with the Turkish FA this year. I know Tom will agree, Fenerbache were a BEAST 4 Star team online in FIFA 11.

  • @qpABOODqp

    Good Add a beautiful FIFA 13

  • ittihad jeddah

    nasser al-shamrani ??? LoooooooL

    where is the best player in asia mohammed noor

    i hope you do vote for best player in saudia arabia
    thanx alot

  • Basl

    Thats gooooood

  • luis

    For me missing some leagues American, African, Asiatic, and joining with these alloys, the world interclubles.

  • omar-shammar

    no no no , the best player in saudi arabia and asia is : yasser alqahtany , the best plaeyr in asia 2007 ,

  • Man of The Hour

    We need S American teams so we can actually have a decent career mode there with a fake Copa Lib. That’s what EA’s priorites should be. Adding leagues that in the end add more depth to Career Mode.

  • David

    Adding Saudi league would be nice. EA should also consider some African leagues like South African, Egyptian and Ghanaian. Also, the J-league would be nice. FIFA has no Arabic our African leagues right more and only one mongolian league, namely the K-league so this to me is a move in the right direction towards diversifying the game and giving everyone a chance.

  • nagy

    well !how come they decided to put saudi leg in fifa13 which is not that strong leg in the middle east and they wont put the eguptian leg which is the strongest leg over there ? EA sports so weird some times

  • الدوري السعودي

    saudi leg is the best leg in the middle east
    and top2 in asia
    and EA not put saudi leg for this reasons only
    fifa have so many fans in saudi arabia
    and EA want support that ..
    saudi leg was top 16 in the world leagues 2010

  • Cruz azul

    Why are the putting teams that people would hardly use just a waste of time put some more popular and better leagues