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Iniesta Joins FIFA 11 Cover Stars

Big thanks to +Bergkamp for the heads up. Posted up on their Facebook page, EA have announced today Iniesta will be joining the likes of Rooney on the cover of FIFA 11: Following his World Cup... Read more


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Sneaky FIFA 11 Footage

Huge thanks to FIFA_King from the boards for this. A video has been posted up on youtube, showing a mixture of pics and presentations. Sandwiched in-between is some snippets of gameplay, or in-game... Read more

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FIFA 11 PC Has Lift Off

Or should I say ‘Official’ lift off. ivan1real has posted up a glut of information on the boards, including a (translated) press release announcing the key features of the PC version. It’s... Read more

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More FIFA 11 PC Screens Emerge

Huge thanks to fifa_king for the heads up! Polish site Valhalla has posted some impressive screens of FIFA 11 PC, proving that the game is definitely a massive step up from last year on the format,... Read more

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Guess who’s back?

Ya boy Aaron Mchardy is back for EA’s latest installment on FIFA 11. This time he speaks on how player behaviour has been refined, particularly in terms of a host of new animations around heading... Read more

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FIFA 11 PC Goes Next-Gen!

Finally, we have confirmation! Great news for PC FIFA fans, EA have announced that this year they will get a proper nextgen version of FIFA 11! After the jump we have the press release detailing just... Read more