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First FIFA 11 Image

Yup; just the one for now. As posted on the Spanish FIFA 10 Facebook page (thanks to jjoseca for the heads up), click here for the full size image. Bigger sizes, and more pics tomorrow! ... Read more

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Zoo FIFA 11 Impressions

The magazine has hit, and already we’re getting feedback from what people are saying. To avoid having legal action taking against us (not nice) we’re going to post up a readers impression of the... Read more

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Zoo Gets FIFA 11 Exclusive

Crazy title, not one I though I’d ever see! But it’s true, Zoo magazine has hit the stands today, with FIFA 11 news! A quote: Our man plays FIFA 11 in a ZOO world exclusive. See screenshots and... Read more

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FIWC Champ Talks FIFA 11

The winner of the FIFA Interactive World Cup, Nenad Stojkovic, has been in Vancouver for an interview – and some hands on time with FIFA 11! Click here to see his first impressions, without ever... Read more

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OPM Playing FIFA 11 Next Week

Huge thanks to adamneaves from the boards for giving us a heads up regarding this. Official PlayStation Magazine have just tweeted that they are off to Vancouver to player FIFA 11 next week, and have... Read more

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FIFA 11 @ E3

Even though the World Cup game came out just over a week ago, it’s been confirmed FIFA 11 will indeed be at E3 next month. Coming from GameFocus, it’s believed the game will showcase at EA’s... Read more