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The Big FIFA 12 Bug List

As part of the feedback process this year, we want your bugs. However small or seemingly insignificant. They all need flagging up.

Use the comments below to post any issues you’ve encountered so far with FIFA 12. When posting issues please specify the platform, as well as any other specifics (mode etc).

Please note this is for BUGS, i.e something not working as intended. We’ll do a separate post for wish list type stuff. Anything not relevant in the comments will be deleted to make our lives easier when collating. We’d rather they weren’t discussed either, unless you know of a workaround/fix for something Again, it’ll make it easier for us later on.

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  • Cazaderon

    One major thing to me.

    A better balance is needed regarding the AI.

    In legend, it is just too good when it comes to dribbling skills.

    Where on the other hand, it’s pretty easy to score the same goals again and again against it.

  • Daniel David Webb

    Live Season is still not working properly in Kick off mode. In Fifa11 you could see all your players stats when looking at the squad now in Fifa12 you can’t. I only play fifa12 in this mode and it’s very frustrating considering I’ve paid for an extra function that’s STILL isn’t working. This had dented my perception on the game

  • Jesus

    my Manager mode encountered the same problem i had in FIFA 11, i editted a formation and i got 2 undefined players that made me have to restart from scratch

  • Jack

    How about fixing the manager mode transfer issues! Half my teams shouldn’t be requesting transfers 5 days before the deadline when their moral and happiness are maxed out and they’re getting plenty of playing time! What’s the point of controlling a team if your star players (such as Rooney or Messi) tells you they want out and the board forces a sale on you (to in this case, Man City or Real Madrid which is completely ludicrous to say the least)? I enjoy a lot of the new transfer tweaks to manager mode, but this one makes no sense whatsoever and becomes incredibly frustrating.

  • vexed

    I’m playing a friend,winning all the matches, then I get disconnected from the EA servers. I re-connect to the servers, invite the same friend, lose all the matches. Am I a fool? Please make a game we can compete with….not a toy for 5 year olds.

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  • jonny

    manager mode – second season, my custom formation disappears, my reserves get placed out of position in my starting 11, i get 10 goalkeepers ranked 99 on my bench/reserves, i scroll down to sort it out, game freezes. I have to switch xbox off and on again. VERY ANGRY.

  • Tarell

    Is there any reason that as online play deepens and as I progress, the game itself gets harder for me to play. Every pass is wrong, all my players run extremely slow, the opponent gets every single bounce to go his way, and even if I survive all that. Some way at the end my players will GLITCH out of his way for easy scores! All I want is everybody at their best potential so it’s fair. PSN calileo

  • vinoth

    my first season as a manager with milan .. the game freezes when it loads to go to the next season .. !!!

  • Kevin

    If you attemt to change a Creation Centre teams formation the whole game will freeze on you. If by some random chance you can get the formation to work, and take it into a game then at some point in the game it will crash and freeze your system. Needs to be addressed with many other issues. It feels like EA rushed the release and didn’t polish it up as much as it should have been.

  • Stefan

    In manager-mode my game freezes when confirming the transfer of a player. In FIFA 11 appeared the same problem. My future striker turns into a GK,general -1391167 and then…freeze! Really pissed off!! Update ASAP!

  • Mark

    Online seasons. Kit clashes all the time. National teams against club teams. Sometimes the same teams playing against each other in the same goddam kit! Absolutely ridiculous. Please sort it out EA. Very easy to fix surely. (ps3)

  • Galieth

    I could list atleast ten bugs. First career mode is nothing but bug after bug…seriously EA you incompetent usless pricks start learning how to develop a game! Transfers in career mode 1. List a player to transfer, unlist the player then he becomes ‘purchased this season’ so can no longer list. 2. Not one pop up message all season eg ‘boss I feel I should play the next game’ 3. Sell player to club, player still shows in my squad…even after selling him 3 times! 4. Play UT load, formations screwed up and have 5 or 6 new gks with 99 then freezes! 5. Buy player, money gets taken, player never appears in squad! 6. Player value £120,000 4 good games he is worth £6,000,000 wtf? 7. Player growth, gk is 26 71 overall has best rating over season, plays all games, levels up 1. Unfaced player, 68 average rating and half games growth 7!!! Basically EA I hate you and have had enough of wasting money on glitchy, buggy games. Never will I buy a game with EA on it….’EA sports, It’s a shit game’ new phrase!

  • Tim Morris

    I’ve had the problem with career mode where when I go into my squad my formation has changed, players are out of position and I have about 15 goalkeepers all rated from -12 upto 99 in my reserves. Then when I go to change anything the game freezes and I have to turn my XBOX on and off!!! Not happy at all!!!!!!!

  • king

    Same problem in the career mode, I go into my squad and there’s a goalkeeper rated 99 playing as a CDM….then it just freezes and I have to turn my ps3 on and off. Please fix it!

  • flash

    i get through 3-4 seasons on cm then in the transfer window i might be able to get through a week or so then the game completely freezes and i have to restart my xbox, i always have multiple saves so can start at an earlier point but this is my 2nd manger mode after i couldnt wrestle the 1st one through the transfer window, also 4 or so seasons into the game. its complete bull as its the only mode ive ever liked or until recently made near enough sence

  • San Simeon

    I’m in my 3rd season in career mode (using my virtual pro). Playing on Union Berlin in German Bundesliga and getting to play in Euro League for first time. At some point before our 3rd season we lost our starting goalie, and least 2 defenders, and 2 midfielders from our squad … and as far as I can tell we didn’t add any new players (other than schoolboys maybe). So we only have 18 players on the squad.

    So what’s the problem? Now that we are playing 2 matches a week … Euro League game on Thur, league game on Sat/Sun … since our players are so fatigued after the Euro league match, with a squad of 18 we don’t have enough to field a team for the weekend league match. So the game gets forfeited. But it’s not just our team, half the time the other team forfeits to us. So after about 8 league games so far, 6 have been forfeits (half the time we have forfeited to them, half the time they forfeit to us). So the league has basically turned into a big joke.

    There really isn’t any excuse for forfeited matches … at the least you could fill the squad with crap players or something. It would be nice to know why the Union Berlin squad lost all those players after the 2nd season, and why nobody new was added to the squad.

  • Arvind Mohit

    Am in my 2nd season with PSG in career mode and 4 of my players(all midfield) are undefined appearing as orange dots in squad management. As a try to substitute them, PC freezes and got to restart game again…fix it soon!!
    It sucks to start career all over again..

  • Alan

    Same problem as most the guys above. Half my team in career mode have been repaced with goalkeepers with minus rating. Cant take them out of the team.

  • Michael

    It’s just happened to me on my career mode with Crawley Town it’s my 4th season and Crawleys first in the Premiership I’m not happy I don’t want to delete my career it’s took me ages to get this far in. Is there any way of fixing the bug without deleting my career?