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UEFA Euro 2012 Trailer

As we all know Euro 2012 is just around the corner and earlier today, EA Sports released the first trailer for the upcoming FIFA 12 DLC.

UEFA Euro will be available from April 24, priced at £15.99, 1,800 MS Points or 2,500 FIFA Points on PC.

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  • Jason R

    the only problem with that trailer was Diaby starting a game for France lol!

  • Teabag

    Don’t see the point of this, you can use creation centre to create you own euro finals.

  • CP

    I doubt that you can create euro finals with authentic commentary, match presentation, celebrations, and atmosphere, 8 stadiums with all 53 licensed national teams.

  • David

    This seems a fair deal to me. Remember, after the EURO tournament is over everyone is going to be looking forward to FIFA 13 so paying €20 for something you will play got just a few months its better than say€60 or even €50.

  • Tom Collins

    Dissapointed. Should always be a new game brought out. The 2010 world cup game was awsome (one of my favourite FIFA’S). This is just the exact same match engine :S !