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Ultimate Team Free Gifts

Just a quick reminder that there is a free gift being given away every day until Ultimate Team is released. To claim yours just log into the Ultimate Team Web App on EAFW each day. Mine today was a free gold pack. Not too shabby.

EDIT: Apologies for the confusion. To be able to claim the free gifts, you must have played Ultimate Team in either FIFA 09 or FIFA 10.

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  • nagy

    i alrady bulit up some good defenders like chivu (inter) bonuccie ( juventus ) cassetti ( roma ) casiras ( sevilia ) and striker martinez ( juventus ) so its not too bad till the released :D

  • http://www.ultimatefifa.com COLE UK

    I keep getting bid tokens! Got 253 of ‘em so far. No coins to spend but 253 bloomin’ bid tokens… ;)

  • Rob

    Seems like it’s only for those who played UT in FIFA 09 or 10.

    Any way, my Ashley Cole is so gonna be up for auction once more people rolling in :D.

  • Tom Mills

    Very true Rob, i’ve updated the post to include that.


  • ronnanld

    i did not recieve the pack and i’ve played FUT 09 and 10

  • mfmaxpower

    Me too! I’m loaded with bid tokens but no coins to! Lol!

  • David Bryant

    Another day, another Bronze Mini Pack…………

  • Tom Mills

    just got 1000 free coins. result.

    ronnanld, it should be the first thing you see when you log in. Can you see the generations tab when looking at your team?

  • http://www.ultimatefifa.com COLE UK

    Finally got 500 coins to go with my 253 bid tokens. (don’t spend them all in one shop as my nan would say!)

  • Tom Mills

    Looks like we get one final free gift today. Just got 100 bid tokens. I’d try to make sure you log into the web app today. They will probably be gone tomorrow.

  • David Bryant

    An improved 75 Bid Tokens for me this morning but no facking coins!!!!! I have not had a pleasent UT “free gift” experience :)

  • Tom Mills

    The gifts keep coming…


  • Tom Mills