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“We’re Not Concerned” About PES2012

FIFA 12 gameplay producer Aaron Mchardy has recently been interviewed by who are releasing teasing snippets of their big interview with Aaron before the full reveal. So far there have been some very interesting quotes released about FIFA’s massive rival PES2012 and here’s what Aaron had to say.

“I know that [Konami are] taking it in a different direction, and being more specific about things like player runs and all that, but I think what we’re doing is better for our game, so we’re not concerned about the features they’re doing, but I’m sure they’ll fit perfectly with their game. “

He also said…

“I think it’s a good thing to have big competitors like ourselves and Konami in the same space, we’re always pushing each other, and we’ve always got one eye on what they do. They’ve been making fantastic games for years.”

For the full teaser reveal catch the two posts on Gamingbolt here and here.

PES2012 is gathering some serious momentum now and you can of course find the very best coverage over at WENBlog.

Should EA be concerned about PES2012?

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  • Plz some1 just make a good football game

    Fifa 11 was seriously the most fustrating game i’ve ever played, so many flaws and bugs it ticked me right to the edge. If it seriously doesn’t improve and pes does dramatically (as in a overhaul), then it looks like I’m getting pes once again since 4 years of Fifa. EA and Fifa creater David Rutter needs to just do the obvious that everyone is pointing out or they can just F off for wrecking up a game with such potential. Hated the creators for being so STUBBORN and not listening to any of their fans.

  • sam

    Cant Wait For Fifa 12, Bring The Demo Out Early.

  • sam

    PES Is Ok But It Will Never Be As Good As FIFA