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Were the 100K rare player packs worth it?

As part of their FUTMas promotion, EA today released what’s surely the most expensive pack in FUT history.

For 100k or 2000 FIFA Points you can buy (until midnight GMT on the 1st) the Jumbo Rare Player Pack. “24 Players, All Gold, All Rare”.

We were intrigued, 100k is a lot of wedge, so would the packs prove to be worth it? We asked twitter, but opinion was divided almost exactly down the middle. So we had to buy one to find out…

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  • ben

    such a joke my best player was sergio busquets 85….i did see about 10-15 pack opnening vid for the 100k and busquets was there for about 6-8 times…. rares player were maicon who is 150k worth ?? why i dont know .. guess the market is a big joke in fifa.. goldplayers arent worth anything


    best pack i found… rvp,silva,dzeko,xabi alonso,cavani,buffon

  • Ministry

    Going by the vid posted it was clearly well worth it!

  • http://twitter.com/CKRosekilly30 Carl Rosekilly

    How do you all have so many coins, yet have played so little of the game? Somethings not right there…

  • http://fifasoccerblog.com/ Tom Mills

    Hardly. I have a season ticket and sell the players.

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  • joey

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  • Boob

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  • http://www.facebook.com/deavon.sprason Deavon Sprason

    haha idiot people be stupid to do that u rip them off

  • Vegar

    When is the next time this pack will be released? Please answer me at facebook : Vegar Thoresen



  • Max Åkesson

    When is the next 100 k pack?

  • Austin Mayerhofer

    When is the next time this is happening?

  • Guest

    yaeh mayn I Sented u Mi deetayls…. hurrr durrr

  • blabla

    I’ve got IF Diego Costa

  • Lee Catherine

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