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Wilson: People Told Us To Copy PES

The guys over at have a cracker of an interview with EA SPORTS President Andrew Wilson on how EA took FIFA from the doldrums to the top of sports gaming. This one really is a must read guys.

As well as the early strategy EA adopted to try and revive FIFA that centered around online gaming, this interview also goes in-depth on how the development team were assembled, how Pro Clubs came to fruition and it even offers a hint at what the future may hold for FIFA. The full (and excellent) interview is right here.

“The first time we stood up and gave the presentation about 11 versus 11 online the company thought we had rocks in our head”

After you’ve had a read gentlemen, hit the comments.

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  • Toby Ross


    So basically, you can oppose my position, but if I do back, you throw the toys out the pram? I’m sorry.

  • Glen


    Lol? I didn’t oppose your position I stated my opinion on an article that was posted?!??!

    You then felt for some reason the need to “address” my opinion??? My comments were generic and squarely focused on what I thought of the article and why I agreed with it and what it was saying?

    As a side note, we all pretty much know your position you are after all one of a very people with a soap box as big as FSB in which to share it en masse.

    The rest of us just have a very small comments section to share ours.

    If you don’t want comments on the content that is posted on FSB especially when it is third party content then remove the ability to comment?

    There is no toys or prams, just a little confused why my opinion on an article needed addressing specifically when it was in response to a third party article nor did I imply it was your opinion?

  • Toby Ross

    You’re posting your opinions onto a public forum, people are allowed to respond. It looked to me like you were taking issue with what people had said – you did in fact reference others’ views here:

    “It’s too easy to not look at it objectively when everyone has such strong opinions on the game but the fact of the matter is that its the most advanced, best selling and playable football game on the market.”

    I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that with that you were questioning others’ objectivity, most probably other commentors. But even if it hadn’t, I am perfectly entitled to quote and debate your view in the same way that everyone is entitled to debate my views. If people think something I’ve said is wrong, then not only are people free to say so, but I want them to say so.

  • Glen

    Toby, I’m sure I don’t need to explain context and generalisation to you. This is after all a site that is highly focused on one topic.

    The wider world would view what the team under Andrew as very good. In the industry the developers and executives are highly respected by thier peers. They are doing remarkable things with technology for a sports game.

    Whilst we mostly talk about the micro issues on here the macro picture is rather different when you look at everything and not just the end product.

    Now that I have had to quantify the bit you quoted out of context are we done?

  • Toby Ross

    I don’t think changing the context makes it reasonable to excuse the state of the online modes as the fault of players, or reasonable to claim FIFA’s modes have unmatched depth. That’s not just abstraction from the minutiae, it just doesn’t measure up with the facts.

    We don’t need to talk on the vague level of the major media outlets here. We don’t have to forget that Clubs is basically the rear orifice of gaming.

    But mostly, there is no reason to be offended if I disagree with you – it’s a public forum for comment, discussion, and debate. Hopefully that debate is well mannered when it arises, so I apologise if I overstepped that boundary, but I don’t think I did and I certainly didn’t mean to.

    I was responding to a number of remarks I simply (and strongly) didn’t agree with. Nothing more.

  • Glen

    You missed the entire point of my post and subsequent suprise at your response.

    Context is everything, that article was aimed at the industry. I replies in that context. After all the source is like an industry trade journal it is not a propaganda machine. Where as this site is highly focused on FIFA PR and game analysis.

    You are free to respond, I was just surprised my opinion warranted a response considering its content. I wasn’t being pro “EA” just saying that the 3 party article and wider industry take on things means that he was justified in saying what he said? I’m not sure where that needs questioning or debating? :s

    Toby your getting a bit full on. Seriously take a step back. It’s pretty uncomfortable to post on comments knowing that your aggressively watching them. It comes across as a bit my way or the highway.

    Anyways, I think we are done here, as I’m not sure there is much more to say about why my opinion on an article needs dissecting?

  • luke kenyon

    pes and fifa are 2 two compleatly different things fifa is fifa leave it at that

  • Angry

    Going by the horrible Euro 12 DLC, maybe they should have copied them :|

  • aggaz

    they shud of give PES the euro game would of been 100% better

  • Mak

    We need fifa13 to move away from assisted controls, so to allow gamers to actually control what happens ourselves