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Win A Month’s Supply Of PWN Gum

Sir Alex Ferguson doesn’t have a copyright on mastication, but I bet his chew of choice is just plain ol’ Wrigleys spearmint.

We’ve teamed up with the new kid on the chewing gum block, PWN Gum, to give away 5 boxes of their new energy gum. That’s enough gum to chew for a couple of weeks straight, and enough energy to play an entire season in one sitting. Add a comment below, and we’ll pick 5 random winners on May 11th 2012 who will each recieve a code for a 12 pack (8 pieces in each pack) of PWN gum, totally free (including shipping).

All you have to do is comment below, and tell us what’s the longest you’ve played a game for, in one sitting. Stories involving having worn a diaper will not gain you any points.


PWN Gum is an energy gum designed to enhance a gamer’s inner PWNage! PWN Gum is a functional gum. It isn’t candy, but has been designed for a purpose—a fast boost of energy!

PWN Gum’s blend of caffeine and vitamins keeps you energized and alert. Because gum delivers caffeine to your body four to five times faster than a pill or energy drink, you can reap the benefits of PWN Gum in mere moments!

PWN Gum is not only designed as one more tool in your gaming war chest, but even in everyday life PWN Gum gives you that quick boost to get you over the line.

PWN Inc isn’t a corporate manufacturer: we’re just three guys with an idea, a shared office space, and a small-to-medium–sized gaming addiction. We also have the modest ambition of bringing PWN to the world!

The future of gum technology is on its way, and PWN Gum is right on the front lines. To find out more, head to www.pwngum.com and increase your PWNage!

Closing date is May 10th 2012, 11:50PM BST. Winners will be notified by email. All decisions are final.

UPDATE: Well done to the winners listed below – check your inboxes for your codes for free PWNGum!

Jamie bradley
Jamie Bateson
Gui Cramer
Adam Ladd

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  • Youssef

    5 months ago, on my birthday, we had a fifa tournament, where the winner keeps playing i kept playing for anout 5 hours, then i lost, then after that i played again and played for another 4 hours

  • Shane

    I think it probably was a 10 hour straight death riddled adventure on dark souls, honestly I just wanted to go on longer but I fell asleep while playing, In these 10 hours I managed to complete about 10% of the game, never been so addicted to a game before

  • kieran

    probbaly 8 hrs playing ssx

  • Hashvin

    My longest was 11 hours on Counter Strike: Source, only 5 minute breaks every 3 hours with energy in between. =)

  • MrSnoogans

    Metal Solid 4 during A-level exams.
    Got home at 3 o’clock on a tuesday to find the game delivered. played 9 hours straight till 12. Wake at 7. exam at 8:30. finish the exam at 11 o’clock. come home at 12 and then straight till 10pm.

  • Thomas

    playing career mode for a whole day and night

  • Drexiel

    36 Hours straight of Guild Wars, a few years ago… Guild Wars tends to tell you every hour “You’ve been playing XX hours, go get some rest” or something similar, cant remember… At some point i saw the number 36 pop up… When I checked the clock, it was already time to go to class…

  • Alec

    Maybe 4-5 hours…I can’t play for anything longer than that, it gets boring :(

  • Aaron

    a whole night playing skyrim what could be better?

  • Matan

    One day I played FIFA a whole day without noticing… It was awesome.

  • Jamie bradley

    i have played 5 seasons on career mode in one go when fifa 12 first came out , i think i was obsessed :) won the champions league twice, 4 premier league titles , 3 fa cups , 4 charity shields and 3 league cups all on legendary :) with manchester united ofcourse :) i still can do about 2-3 seasons in one go now.

  • umer

    A 24 hour mates tournament when fifa 11 came out, i didnt win but i sure pwned all day + night! :)

  • Simon

    5 hours, I can get bored easily!

  • Regan Neale

    I played for 6 hours once I got FIFA12 and completed my first season before sleeping for 2 hours and getting up and playing again.

  • Ashton


  • http://kitanamedia.com kitanamedia

    Thanks for all the comments – we’ll pick the winners and update the post shortly.