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Your Feature: Round One

The first round of voting in FIFA Manager’s “Your Feature” initiative is now complete with the community choosing “Show Training Progress” to be added to the development of the next game. It will allow the manager to track their players training progress to see how far away they are from levelling up a particular skill. A nice little touch.

Round 2 of Your Feature is now open too and the nominations are:

A) Application for hosting a European Cup Final
If your club has a stadium that meets the criteria set for international games, you can apply for hosting one of the grand international finals. Being a host of such a game will not only bring you a respective rental charge but especially international prestige.

B) Choice of transportation for away matches

The faster and the more comfortable the journey the smaller the disadvantage and the fatigue your team have when they are playing away from home. You can choose between plane, bus or train.

C) Player incentives
The manager will have the option to motivate his players with special incentives such as free days for personal recreation, a dinner with player’s wives, new cars for everybody and further treats.

D) TV broadcasting Deal Negotiations
Every few years cable stations negotiate with the football leagues on the TV funding. For you as a manager, the overall amount is not so important. You can fight for an equal allocation of the funds or you can try to amass as much for your club as possible.

E) Sponsor negotiation for your own tournaments
When you organize your own tournaments you can now search for sponsors. This might lead to additional money, of course depending on your negotiation skills.

Make sure you cast your vote by heading over to the Official FIFA Manager website.

Normally this kind of initiative never gets off the ground but I’m extremely impressed with how this one is developing, we’ll keep you posted.

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  • matt

    What are the chances of any of these features making it in to conventional FIFA games as well? It would be great to have the manager mode be a little more substantive and it would be equally great to have the development team look to the community for suggestions more actively than passively.

  • David Bryant

    @matt totally agree, it’s a wonderful community feature which could quite easily cross over to all FIFA titles across all platforms. Whether it will or not is a different matter.

    What it does show is that EA and it’s studios are thinking about this kind of approach which I guess is a good thing. We’ll have to wait and see but for FIFA Manager this is huge.

  • Guilherme

    I definitely approve of A, D, and E. I’d give FIFA Manager 11 a chance if it wasn’t for the $40 price tag and it being a PC download, not the physical disk here in the US.

  • Josh W

    Im really liking this idea. In all honesty i have always bought Football Manager games to cure my management needs, but congratulations to the FIFA Manager team for going through with this. If only it was brought over to FIFA as well. Sigh.

  • rptimao

    Make a post about the career mode as player, with more cutscenes, interactivity, etc. please. Hope EA will read that