Moving from Semi-Pro to World Class, Need tips

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Moving from Semi-Pro to World Class, Need tips

Postby cgatlan » Sun Oct 09, 2011 9:51 pm

Hi Guys,

I admit to being guilty of deliberately playing Fifa at an easier level than I should be playing at. Thing is, I work hard all day long (dont we all), and in the evening, I love to put my feet up and play a few games of Fifa12 (I've been playing fifa since 09), but I've never wanted it to be too taxing, so I've been playing on Semi-Pro for years, and winning most games and not learning very much. (ps. I almost never ever play online)
Today I had a serious wake up call, when a few mates were round and we had a tournament, even guys who've never played it gave me a little run for my money, and as for the guys that did play it, well, best left unsaid..

Anyway, I need to turn myself around, I need help, I want to move up to World Class, but I'm really worried that I'll do so badly and lose so often that I'll soon give up and either move back to S/P or change to a different game.

Does anyone have any tips that will help me make the transition, or share any advice from people that have done something similar?

Thanks Guys :)
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Re: Moving from Semi-Pro to World Class, Need tips

Postby Footballdude » Thu Oct 20, 2011 10:45 am

Dude it’s going to be hard if you are playing in manager mode, I hate this year’s difficulty setting specially in manager mode. I have been playing FIFA a lot and every time I get the a new FIFA game I always start playing my manager mode in semi-pro difficulty, eventually within the first season I move up to professional and then after a few seasons sometimes 3 or 4 I move up to world class, I have never moved up to legendary because it’s just ridiculously hard. The problem I have with FIFA 12 difficulty is that I started playing my manager mode in semi-pro, after winning every game by a margin of around 4 to 6 goals I decided it was time to move up to professional. After moving to professional I was losing every game by a margin of 3 to 4 goals and it’s is just incredibly hard I then moved down to semi-pro and I was winning like crazy again. The point is that the difference between semi-pro and professional is huge in this year’s game, and it bugs me because there is not a balance of difficulty and the authenticity of the real world football is just not there. I play as Liverpool and I beat Manchester United 6 – 0 at Old Trafford and to be honest as much as I wish that happen in real life it can be quite difficult, but when I try to play in professional I lose 4 – 0 and this goes for all the games it’s just so crazy even with smallest teams like Wigan or WBA I lose in professional it’s crazy I hate this difficulty setting.

Know back to your question I really got nothing to tell you it has been incredibly difficult for me in professional I don’t know what to do it ruins the game for me. Has anybody experience this problem or is it just me?
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